Sieve Shakers

Sieve Shakers save time and effort and improve accuracy for particle sizing operations. Shakers agitate a stacked series of test sieves to efficiently separate materials of all different types.


Sieve Shakers

These units provide consistent agitation to samples, improving accuracy, passage of particles, and overall consistency between tests. Agitation lifts particles off of the sieve cloth to reorient them and allow many opportunities to pass through sieve openings. The proper sieve shaker offers consistent and repeatable separations compared to manual sieve shaking methods for particle sizing. Gilson offers a diverse line of Sieve Shakers suited to your material characteristics.

  • Mechanical Tapping Sieve Shakers feature aggressive circular actions, enhanced by the repetitive two-way tapping of the sieve stack, to reorient particles, promote passage of near-size particles, and prevent blinding, for accurate results. These shakers are good choices for materials with a wide range of sizes.
  • Rotary Sifters with Tapping rotate at an angle as multiple hammers tap against sieves to promote particle passage. Rotary, or Mary Ann sifters are popular for use with mineral aggregates and are preferred by many state DOT’s.
  • Orbital Sieve Shakers mimic the motion of hand sieving and are an affordable choice for free-flowing materials. Particles are rolled around the mesh surface until they fall through an opening.
  • Vibratory Sieve Shakers are quiet and use electromagnetic energy to agitate particles. Proper adjustment of energy levels creates a fluid bed of materials which evenly distributes the test sample across the sieve mesh as it reorients particles. Units with programmable pauses allow brief “rest” periods that encourage passage of fines. Vibratory shakers work well with finer and lighter materials.
  • Sonic Sieve Shakers use up to 3,600 sonic energy pulses per minute to oscillate an air column enclosed by the sieve stack. Continuous agitation paired with horizontal and vertical tapping reorients particles to the mesh surface for accurate separations. The Gilson GA-6 Auto Siever and GA-8 UltraSiever are sonic sifters well-suited for precise sizing of small samples of powders as fine as 5µm.
  • Circular Sieve Shakers use a simple motion on a flat, oscillating plane to evenly distribute particles around most sieve surfaces, causing them to randomly fall through openings. If not equipped with tapping action, these shakers are best with coarse materials such as mineral aggregates.
  • Mikro Air Jet Sieves™ use positive air pressure through a rotating slotted nozzle to gently fluidize samples in a single 200mm diameter sieve. Fines are collected in a canister with a vacuum system. The Air Jet is best for materials finer than No.4 (4.75mm).
  • Gilson Wet-Vac® Sieve Shakers are completely self-contained wet-sieving particle sizing systems and are widely used in testing applications for coal and coke. Water tanks, pumps, and spray heads are built-in to these vibratory shakers and fines are collected in filter paper assemblies.
Sieve Shaker Selection Chart