Sieve Analysis Equipment

Sieve analysis equipment is used to characterize and classify sand, aggregate, soils, coal, grains, and many types of fine powders. With our large inventory and wide range of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Test Sieves, Gilson is the best source for your sieves and particle size analysis equipment.


Sieve Analysis Equipment

Gilson’s complete line of sieve analysis equipment offers the widest range of products suited for your needs of fast, accurate, and reliable sieve analysis.

For more information on Reference Materials, read our blog Reference Materials For Test Sieves: Performance Testing For Quality.

  • Test Sieves - Typically round metal frames fitted with brass or stainless steel is woven wire cloth, but sieves with non-standard frames or non-metallic frames and cloth are also available. Most are configured to meet ASTM E11 or ISO 565/3310-1 and supplied in standard Compliance grade, serial numbered, and supplied with a certificate of manufacturing conformance. Sieves with enhanced accuracy are also available in ASTM or ISO Inspection and Calibration grades.
  • Sieve Services - When Gilson Verification Services are added to your order, our Sieve Services lab performs precise physical measurements on new Compliance sieves, documenting opening sizes to meet more stringent Inspection or Calibration grade requirements. We can also perform Reverification of Used Sieves and maintain Master-Matched Reference sieves for your lab.
  • Sieve Accessories - This complete selection of equipment helps you clean, maintain, and store your test sieves. There is also a sieving flow agent and wet sieving accessories for separating difficult materials. Sieve brushes, Ultrasonic cleaners, and Storage Racks all help keep your sieving equipment in top working order.
  • Cut-to-Order Cloth - For applications where conventional sieves are not practical, our cut-to-order stainless steel or brass ASTM Wire Cloth or non-metallic woven mesh can be used for particle size testing.
  • Standard Reference Materials - SRMs are precisely-sized glass beads or powders with NIST Traceable documentation for tracking the performance of your sieves over time. These are the easiest way to document ongoing sieve performance for your internal quality control program.
  • Sieve Inspection Tools - Test sieves are precision instruments that must be properly maintained and periodically checked for continued compliance with specified dimensions and tolerances. Magnifiers and calipers aid in close inspections of wire cloth for damage or wear.

Our world-class Sieve Shakers are built for sizing particles from large coarse aggregates to fine powders. Gilson also offers a complete line of related sieve analysis equipment, including SplittersSample Dividers, and Scales and Balances.