General Lab Testing Equipment

Whether an optional accessory or necessary tool of the trade, Gilson's line of Pans, Tools & Glassware products are integral to the daily functions of laboratory or field testing operations. Gilson’s wide selection of labware includes metal and glass pans, bowls and dishes, cylinders, beakers and flasks, spatulas, spoons, tubing, brushes, scoops, and bags. Additional products available include timers and stopwatches, hot plates, personal safety gear, mixing wheels, transformers, and reference materials.


General Lab Test Equipment
This product line is extensive and diverse, offering products and reference resources to fulfill testing processes and standards.
  • Lab Supplies items are available for most daily lab and field applications.
  • Lab Safety products protect a worker’s face, eyes, nose, ears, hands, and skin from debris, nuisance dust, heat, and noise.
  • Lab Utensils and Hand Tools are used with all types of samples. They are necessary laboratory items for scooping, mixing, and scraping.
  • Sample Containers and Bags are used for collecting, storing, and transporting samples. Gilson offers a selection of metal or plastic buckets, cans, or containers in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Pans, Dishes, and Bowls are used for handling, processing, and storing samples. They come in a variety of shapes and constructed of stainless steel, steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, or glass.
  • Timers & Stopwatchesare available in mechanical, electronic, and digital models for precision timing in both lab and field environments. Functionality, display type, and display modes vary by model.
  • Reference Books and Materials contains popular industry guides and handbooks on asphalt, sieving, aggregates, and mix design.
  • Hot Plates and Ranges are used for many heating and drying applications and can be easily transported for lab or field use. The selection includes ceramic, propane, and magnetic stirring Hot Plates, along with Single and Double Burner Electric Ranges.
  • Laboratory Mixers are used for a range of materials testing applications including concrete, asphalt, cement, and grout.