Sample Containers and Bags

Protecting samples from spillage, moisture, dust, and contaminants during collection and transport to the lab is an integral part of materials testing.


Sample Containers

Using the right containers, lids and closures allows for easy handling and storage of samples collected and helps preserve the integrity of the sample to be tested. Our Sample Containers are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and closure accessories.

  • Sample Buckets are used for collecting bulk field samples. Buckets are available in metal and plastic. Cotton Bucket Liner or Heavy-Duty Sample Bags are available for fast and convenient sample collection. ID Tags, Wire Ties and Tie Twisters are also available for use with our selection of buckets and bags.
  • Metal Sample Containers are constructed of aluminum or tinned metal and available in sizes ranging from 1.5oz to 16oz. Tight-fitting lids prevent moisture loss.
  • Plastic Sample Containers come in sizes ranging from 2oz to 32oz. They are constructed of lightweight Polypropylene with leak-proof, screw-top lids. Designed to protect samples during storage and transport.
  • Tin Sample Cans are made of tinned metal and come in 1qt or 4qt  size. These round cans with lids are used for storing or transporting.
  • Polyethylene Sample Container has 12qt capacity and used to store samples
  • Sample Bags are made of heavy-duty textiles and available as liners or to collect and store samples. Bag ties, tie twisters and ID tags are also available for efficient collecting, handling, and storing of bulk samples.

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