Sample Buckets

Gilson’s sample buckets and bags are ideal for collecting bulk field samples for laboratory testing. Buckets make functional and convenient sample holders alone or when lined with a heavy cloth sample bag. Bags can be closed and tagged with wire ties for secure transport.


Square Plastic Sample Bucket
Model: HM-450
Solution Bucket
Model: HM-452
Notched Bucket
Model: SSA-20
Washing Bucket
Model: HM-444
Bucket Liner Sample Bags

Bucket Liner Sample Bags

Starting at $52.00
Models: SPA-22, SPA-22C, SPA-22K
Sample ID Tags
Model: SC-90
8in Double-Loop Wire Ties
Model: SPA-23
  • Galvanized Steel Sample Bucket is a 14qt (13L) bucket constructed of galvanized steel with a bail handle.
  • Square Plastic Sample Bucket is made of thick-wall high-density polyethylene and has a sturdy bail handle. Tight-fitting lids are included. The bucket capacity is 4gal (15.14L).
  • Solution Bucket is a sturdy plastic bucket with a carrying handle that has a capacity of 6gal (22L), recommended for the sulfate soundness test.
  • Notched Bucket has a capacity of 6gal (22L) that can be used for sampling and other general applications. The sturdy plastic bucket has three cut-in notches at the top to support the Wet/Dry Sieve Vibrator to catch material during particle separation.
  • Washing Bucket is designed to allow water to flow in through the bottom and out through the top overflow to rinse off specimens after the immersion cycles. Includes 12ft of flexible tubing.
  • Bucket Liner Sample Bags are strong cotton bags that fit easily in metal or plastic 3-6gal buckets and allow the fast and efficient collection and handling of bulk samples.
  • Sample ID Tags are made of embossable aluminum and can be permanently marked with a pencil or ballpoint pen and attached to bags or containers with provided wire ties.
  • 8in Double-Loop Wire Ties are designed to secure Sample Bags, and the 8in Double-Loop Wire Ties are made with heavy-gauge wire to securely close bag openings when used with the SPA-24 Wire Twister.
  • Wire Tie Twister with Plastic Grip for use to quickly and securely close Sample Bags using Double-Loop Wire Ties and the Wire Tie Twister with Plastic Grip.

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