Galvanized Steel Sample Bucket

Model: MA-950
Price: $19.50

Galvanized Steel Sample Bucket collects hot-mix asphalt samples from the SP-55 Quartermaster Asphalt Sample Divider and can be used for other applications. The 11in (292mm) tall bucket has a 14qt capacity and a handle with a wooden grip for ease of carrying. Ordering additional sample buckets increases efficiency in collecting and handling samples. Bucket Liner Bags are available separately for direct bagging of samples from Quartermaster output for streamlined sample handling.


  • 14qt capacity
  • Galvanized steel construction withstands high heat
  • Useful for different applications

Included Items:

  • Galvanized Steel Sample Bucket


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Capacity 14qt
Material Galvanized Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 5.0lb (2.27kg)

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Capacity 14qt
Material Galvanized Steel
Estimated Shipping Weight 5.0lb (2.27kg)
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