Aggregate Testing Equipment

Gilson offers a complete line of aggregate testing equipment to measure, classify, and evaluate the physical characteristics of the asphalt and concrete aggregates, ensuring compliance with ASTM and AASHTO standards.


Aggregate Testing Equipment

We have everything you need to perform all construction aggregate tests for durability, grading, particle shape and surface, texture, abrasion, skid resistance, voids, and more.

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  • Screen Shakers efficiently separate coarse aggregates into six or seven particle size fractions for performing gradation testing.
  • Durability and Abrasion equipment measures the hardness, strength, and durability properties of aggregates. Sulfate Soundness Los Angeles Abrasion Machine and Micro-Deval tests are some of the popular methods used to analyze properties such as resistance to wear, susceptibility to freeze-thaw damage, and overall aggregate strength.
  • Specific Gravity, or relative density of aggregates, is a basic property and an important factor in mix designs, proportioning and batching of asphalt and concrete mixes. Our specialized equipment such as the Gilson Specific Gravity Bench and Rice Shaker makes it fast and easy to perform suspended weighing and deairing operations.
  • Aggregate Angularity & Elongation equipment determines the shape characteristics of fine and coarse aggregates to evaluate their suitability for asphalt and concrete mixtures. Calipers quickly determine percentages of flat and elongated particles in coarse aggregate fractions of 3/8in (9.5mm) or larger. Thickness and Length Gauges are used for flakiness and elongation index determinations.
  • Sand Equivalent Test indicates relative proportions of undesirable clay-like fines in aggregates and granular soils. Test equipment is sold in complete kits or as individual components.
  • Aggregate Washers prepare samples for gradation or measure fines content by washing away fines. They reduce labor costs and eliminate inconsistencies common with manual methods by offering an automatic solution for washing samples.
  • ASTM Test Sieves are stocked and ready to ship in all popular opening sizes and frame diameters.
  • Wet-Wash Sieves are effective for fines content determinations and are offered in various depths and diameters with economical stainless steel frames for extended service life, or in traditional brass.
  • Sieve Shakers offer consistent agitation, improving consistency, and accuracy of particle sizing operations.
  • Moisture Testers offer fast, accurate moisture determinations in the field for soils and aggregate materials.
  • Organic Impurities Test is a simple procedure to determine the presence of detrimental organic compounds in fine aggregates. Purchase the complete, all-in-one kit or individual components.
  • Methylene Blue Test Set offers a solution for measuring the amount of potentially harmful clay-like fines present in aggregate materials.