Temperature & Humidity

Monitoring and recording accurate temperature and humidity data is a fundamental operation in the majority of materials testing processes.


Temperature & Humidity
Pertinent standards dictate protocols for temperature and humidity ranges, observation frequency, sensitivity and instrumentation. Understanding application requirements can guide you in choosing the best instrument for your needs from our wide selection of Temperature and Humidity products.
  • Thermometers range from basic liquid-in-glass thermometers to sophisticated electronic and digital measuring devices. Gilson has a wide selection of field and laboratory styles that offer accurate and precise temperature measurements for any materials testing need and standard.
  • Temperature Recorders & Data Loggers for use with test specifications that require long-term monitoring of temperature and humidity. This line of products is available in both analog and digital instruments with a range of capabilities.
  • Humidity & Weather Meters are used in determining conditions such as wind-speed, dew-point, barometric pressure, evaporation rate or other factors required to control plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete. For example, Humidity & Weather Meters provide ease of use, reliability and meet specification requirements.