Temperature & Humidity Measurement Instruments

Monitoring and recording accurate temperature and humidity data is a fundamental task in most materials testing processes. Whether monitoring concrete moisture content while in the curing process or post-construction deterioration mechanisms, pertinent standards dictate protocols for temperature and humidity ranges, observation frequency, sensitivity, and instrumentation. Understanding application requirements can guide you in choosing the best instrument for your needs from our wide selection of temperature and humidity products.


Temperature &  Humidity Testing Instruments
  • Thermometers from Gilson are available in a variety of styles to accommodate all applicable testing standards. From basic liquid-in-glass thermometers to sophisticated electronic and digital measuring devices, Gilson’s range of field and laboratory thermometers offers accurate and precise temperature measurements for any materials testing need and standard. Our selection of temperature instrumentation includes non-contact infrared and thermal imaging, probe-type for oven/solution use, min/max registering, ASTM-specific, general lab immersion, surface/contact dial, and NIST traceable.
  • Temperature Recorders & Data Loggers use is essential in testing environments where compliance requirements must be met. Gilson’s wide range of temperature recorders and data loggers offers features to accommodate the long-term monitoring of temperature and humidity, including single and multi-channel logging, programmable alerts, selectable logging intervals, min/max temperature variance logging, thermocouple capability for temperature gradient measurements, submersible units, and units with a USB connection for fast data transfer.
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras detect and display exact temperature, thermal gradients, heat patterns, and other values in a range of paving and construction applications. The handheld devices highlight data, key details, and problem areas on display screens. Available in varying temperature ranges.
  • Humidity & Weather Meters are used in determining conditions such as wind-speed, dew-point, barometric pressure, evaporation rate, or other factors required to monitor plastic shrinkage cracking in concrete. Our offered environmental meter is drop-proof, waterproof, and can record up to 17 different measurements, allowing for cost-effective concrete pours. And the sling psychrometer provides a cost-effect solution for on-site relative humidity measurements.