Field / Lab Thermometers

Temperature measuring technology ranges from use of simple, but accurate, indicating fluids to sophisticated electronic measurement of electrical resistance with digital displays and advanced memory and analysis features. As awareness of the difficulty of using traditional mercury instruments increases, better and more responsive non-toxic compounds have become more popular. Gilson continually reviews current technology and works to maintain a wide selection of instruments that will be most useful for your unique application.

Lab Thermometers
  • Pocket Thermometers are designed for portability and offer accurate, on-the-spot measurements in the field or lab. They range from bi-metal to liquid-in-glass to digital.
  • ASTM Thermometers have specific characteristics for applications noted in ASTM or other test methods. These glass thermometers with indicating fluid are produced following strict manufacturing tolerances and each production run is tested for accuracy and conformance.
  • Dial Thermometers are bi-metal or digital thermometers to measure temperatures in ovens, solutions or samples.
  • Digital Thermometers use electrical resistance measurements for fast and easy use. LCD displays are clear and easy to read, and accuracy is enhanced by finer divisions. These models often feature memory or hold functions and may have detachable probes for remote use.
  • Max/Min Registering Thermometers show maximum and minimum temperatures in °F and °C since last reset, as well as current temperature. Models are available with spirit-type indicating fluid, or mercury-filled.
  • Infrared Thermometers enable temperature determinations from a distance with no need for direct contact, using a detector that processes infrared energy.
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras detect and display exact temperature, thermal gradients, heat patterns and other values in a range of paving and construction applications. The handheld devices highlight data, key details and problem areas on display screens. Available in varying temperature ranges.
  • General Lab Thermometers are liquid-in-glass and filled with either mercury or an environmentally safe fluid, designed for partial or total immersion. They can be used for many general applications in the lab.
  • Surface Dial Thermometers are optimal for sensing the temperature of nearly any surface using an exposed bimetal element for fast, accurate responses.
  • Thermometer Accessories help store thermometers upright to avoid breakage and prevent fluid column separation, or avoid rapid temperature swings when monitoring ovens or freezers.
  • Thermocouple probes and Accessories provide additional flexibility when taking temperature measurements using digital thermometers.