Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers are easy-to-use, accurate, and durable for a variety of applications including air or fluid readings, surface temperatures, high-temperature applications, and more. These thermometers have clear LCD displays to show fine resolutions, with no interpolation necessary between division marks. Maximum-minimum readings, memory alarms, and selectable units enhance usefulness in the field or lab.

Basic Type K or J Thermometers
Models: MA-321A, MA-321AT, MA-322A, MA-322AT
Traceable Long-Stem Thermometers
Models: MA-115, MA-116, MA-119
4-Channel Data Logging Thermometer
Models: MA-324, MA-324C
Traceable Robo Thermometer

Traceable Robo Thermometer

Starting at $34.50
Models: MA-347, MA-348
Min/Max Digital Thermometer
Model: MA-182
4-Channel Thermometer

4-Channel Thermometer

Starting at $175.00
Models: MA-323, MA-323C
Waterproof RTD Thermometer, -148°–572°F (-100°–300°C)
Models: MA-327, MA-327C
Platinum RTD Thermometer
Model: MA-270
Digital Thermometer / Timer
Model: MA-189
Digital Lab Thermometers

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