Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers are easy-to-use, accurate and durable for a variety of applications including air or fluid readings, surface temperatures, high-temperature applications and more. These thermometers have clear LCD displays to show fine resolutions, with no interpolation necessary between division marks. Maximum-minimum readings, memory alarms and selectable units enhance usefulness in the field or lab.


  • Basic Type K or J Thermometers in single or dual channel, with or without NIST Certification provide accurate temperature measurements.
  • Traceable® Lollipop™ Thermometer with –58—572°F (–50—300°C) temperature range is water-resistant and performs well in field applications.
  • Traceable® Long-Stem Thermometers are available with 8in or 11.4in probes, and a temperature range of -58°302°F (-50°—150°C) or -58°—572°F (-50°—300°C). NIST traceable.
  • 4-Channel Data Logging Thermometer has a temperature range of -328°—2,498°F (-200°—1,370° C) and is available with or without NIST certification. Records and stores data.
  • Traceable® Workhorse Thermometer with temperature range of -58°—2,372°F (-50°—1,300°C) works with all Type K probes. NIST traceable.
  • Waterproof Thermometer available in two models with differing degrees of accuracy and comes with NIST certification.
  • Traceable® Robo Thermometer with temperature range of -58°—536°F (-50°—280 °C) and two differing degrees of accuracy is switchable between °F/°C.
  • Digital Max/Min Memory Thermometer works well in curing rooms and can indicate inside and outside temperatures simultaneously. Temperature range is -58°—158°F (-50°—70°C).
  • Infrared/Thermistor Pen measures temperature at surface and penetration and has no contact infrared thermometer. Temperature range is -28°—428°F (-33°—220°C).
  • Thermocouple Probes & Accessories are used with digital thermometers to change type of probe or fabricate probes as needed.
  • 4-Channel Thermometer comes with or without NIST certification, and is capable of displaying data from four probes at the same time in °C or °F.
  • Platinum RTD Thermometer with RS 232 port for transferring data to data logger or PC. Tests in accordance with ASTM standards and other test methods as a mercury-alternative thermometer.