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Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor
Starting at $10,285.00
Models: HM-580, HM-580F
Concrete Phoenix System
Model: CT-1
250,000lbf Automatic Concrete Compression Machines
Models: AC-250, AC-250F, AC-250M, AC-250MF, AC-250MR, AC-250MRF
Pyrolytic Oven
Starting at $31,358.00
Models: MO-39, MO-40
Static Segregation Column
Model: HM-597
Concrete Box Test Device
Model: HM-592

Innovative Construction Materials Testing Equipment

Gilson is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality construction materials testing equipment. We lead the way for innovative materials testing and particle sizing equipment in many industries. Gilson’s experienced Customer Service and Technical Support staff work closely with you to find the best products for your application. Helping you select the right testing equipment is just the way we do business. It’s been that way for more than eighty years now and we promise that won’t change.

Civil engineering, pharmaceutical, food science, and other laboratories rely on Gilson products every day. Our products meet even the most rigorous ASTM and AASHTO standards. Whether we make the sale or not, the Gilson team is always there for you! Contact us anytime for help with your testing needs.

Construction Materials Testing Equipment and Laboratory Testing Equipment

Industry Expertise

Gilson has a history of more than 80 years in the industry. Many of our technicians and customer support specialists have over 20 years’ of hands-on experience!

Trusted Supplier

Starting with the pioneering of the Gilson Testing Screen in 1939, we have enhanced our offerings each year to deliver more accurate, reliable, and innovative equipment.

Dedicated Customer Support

Get all your questions answered promptly via email, telephone, or live chat! Speak directly to a Gilson representative five days a week during business hours.

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