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Model: HM-597
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Static Segregation Column for Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) measures the resistance of fresh SCC mixes to static segregation of normal-weight coarse aggregate. With these free-flowing mixes, coarse aggregate segregation can reduce flowability and block the passing ability during placement in vertical columns and wall sections. Voids and flaws form if concrete cannot flow properly around reinforcement and into restricted formwork.

A three-section column is filled with concrete and allowed to rest for 15 minutes. Concrete from the top and bottom sections is recovered and washed over a 4.75mm (No.4) sieve to recover the coarse aggregate fractions. Concrete from the middle section is discarded. The mass of the coarse aggregate for the two sample sections is compared to determine the percent static segregation.

The unique, innovative design of the HM-597 allows efficient, one-person operation with no loss of sample material. Once the full-height main column is filled with concrete and struck off, the top tier is pushed aside horizontally to deposit the top sample into the collection vessel.

After the collection vessel is retrieved, the middle tier is moved over the waste vessel to discard the middle section of the concrete sample. The bottom sample remains in the lower tier of the column, ready for retrieval and testing.

The rugged frame and moving parts of the Static Segregation Column are fabricated with 1in (25mm) thick high-density polyethylene plastic, and the column is constructed of schedule 40 PVC, providing fast and easy cleanup and corrosion-free durability.


  • Quick determination of potential for static segregation
  • One-person operation
  • Easy cleanup

Included Items:

  • Static Segregation Column
Product Dimensions 26 x 13 x 35.25in (660 x 330 x 895mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 120lb (52kg)

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Product Dimensions 26 x 13 x 35.25in (660 x 330 x 895mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 120lb (52kg)
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