Material Sampling & Dividing

Gilson’s wide range of sampling and dividing equipment for the lab or field ensures prepared test specimens that correctly represent all characteristics of the bulk material. The right equipment makes dividing or sampling of free-flowing, granular materials accurate, repeatable and simple.


Riffle splitters are the most common devices for sample dividing. The bulk sample is simply divided in half when directed through an array of chutes and the fractions are discharged into separate containers. Gilson’s  Universal Splitter series, as well as the Fixed-Chute SplitterCalifornia SplitterEnclosed SplittersPrecision Splitters, and Laboratory Split-O-Matic models offer cost-effective and efficient options for most applications.

All Gilson riffle-type splitters feature gate-release hoppers, allowing full control of bulk samples when loading for even, accurate material distribution upon release. The unique adjustable chute bars of Universal Splitters are a Gilson-exclusive, giving each model greater versatility in chute width for a wider range of particle sizes. Enclosed Splitters significantly reduce dust, stabilize sample moisture and allow easier clean-up during splitting operations. Laboratory Split-O-Matic Splitters feature user-controlled gates to select up to three stages of splitting to produce final fractions of 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 in a single pass.

Select minimum chute widths based on  two times the largest particle dimension for accurate splitting and to avoid bridging (clogging) in the chutes. Chutes widths three times the largest particle size are preferred for materials with a wide size range, angular or oblong shapes, or high moisture contents.  

Spinning Rifflers are ideal when the highest degree of accuracy for samples is required. Spin Riffling units achieve sample standard deviations as low as 0.125% using a vibratory trough to continuously feed material and distribute it to containers on a rotating platform. Models are available for 1 liter or 50 liter samples with up to 2in (50mm) particle topsize.

Gilson’s Quartermaster Asphalt Sample Divider safely divides hot-mix asphalt samples of 120lb (55kg) or more into four representative samples. For on-site sample collection of grain, seed, or other granular material,  Sample Reducers uses chutes and dividers on a slanted table to direct material down an adjustable incline to yield a 1/16 fraction. Sampling Probes are inserted into bags, bins, or stockpiles.  The Gilson Sample Quartering Kit includes basic items to manually divide bulk samples for testing.

Still not sure which Sample Splitter is best suited for your needs? Read our Gilson Insights blog post: An Expert Guide to Selecting a Sample Splitter.