Sampling & Dividing

Gilson sample splitters and dividers provide representative samples of the original or bulk material. This ensures the test sample has materials with particle sizes in equal proportions to the original. Splitter models are available from rugged, large capacity floor units for coarse aggregates, to benchtop models for fine powders.

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Sampling & Dividing

Riffle Splitters are the most common sample divider, with an efficient design that directs materials through an array of chutes. Fractions are discharged into separate collection containers. spinning rifflers, or rotary sample dividers, are the method of choice for precision representative sampling of the highest order. This method virtually eliminates operator error, and research has demonstrated its accuracy.

Gilson recommends chute opening sizes to be two to three times wider than the largest particle size for all its splitters.

  • Universal Sample Splitters are riffle splitters built with Gilson’s exclusive adjustable chute system and lever-release hopper design. Optimization for a wide range of material sizes is quick and easy. Bulk laboratory or field samples are quickly processed to test size specimens. Models are available for particle sizes from fine sands up to 4in (100mm).
  • Universal Mini-Splitters are Gilson Universal Splitters in smaller sizes. They feature the same gated hopper and adjustable chute design in more portable models. These riffle splitters are ideal for powders and granular materials with sizes less than 1/4in (6.4mm). An all-stainless-steel model is available.
  • Fixed Chute Splitter is based on the SP-1 Universal Splitter but features ten fixed-width chutes. Accurate splitting and mixing of granular materials are ensured for particles up to 1.125in (28.6mm). The sample volume is one cubic foot in the lever-release hopper. The sturdy welded and bolted steel frame has a painted and baked finish.
  • Quartermaster Asphalt Sample Divider is a patented, asphalt splitter for the accurate dividing of large samples of hot-mix asphalt. It also allows for a fast reduction of other materials for testing size. Samples up to 120lb (55kg) are easily reduced for consistent laboratory results. The sturdy construction allows for easy cleaning and stands up to rugged field conditions.
  • California Fixed Chute Splitter was initially designed by and constructed for the California Department of Transportation. This sturdy, fixed-chute splitter meets CalTrans 201 requirements for coarse aggregate splitters. The sample volume is 1.9ft³ (53.8L) for particle sizes to 1.125in (57.2mm). Available in two models, one supplied with steel sample collection pans and the other with aluminum pans.
  • Spinning Rifflers/Rotary Sample Dividers precisely divide bulk materials, offering greater accuracy than traditional riffle splitters. The Gilson Spinning Riffler is a tabletop size with a one-liter capacity for up to 16 samples of fine materials. The Gilson Bulk Spinning Riffler with 1.8ft³hopper capacity divides large bulk samples with 2in (50mm) particle sizes into eight samples.
  • Enclosed Sample Splitters are available in several sizes and capacities. Enclosed models significantly reduce nuisance dust, minimize sample loss, stabilize moisture variations, and allow for easier clean-up during splitting operations.
  • 1/16th Sample Reducers are designed for a fast reduction of materials to testing size for specialized applications. Sample Reducers feature a series of chutes, dividers, and openings on a slanted flow table. A 1/16 fraction of the bulk sample is directed to a collection container and the remainder to a reject pan.
  • Riffle Splitters are riffle splitters for small samples of fine powders. Gilson Precision Splitters have fixed chutes and gate-release hoppers for optimum sample distribution. The Jones Micro-Splitter has open feeder guides rather than gate-release hoppers. Micro & Precision Splitters are often used in pharmaceutical, food, and powdered metals applications and have stainless steel construction.
  • Laboratory Split-O-Matic Splitters are large laboratory splitters with a capacity of up to 3ft³ (85L). These units efficiently direct large samples through multiple stages in a single pass. Several models offer options for the number of chutes per stage, chute slope angles, and maximum particle size. Models can be ordered with custom components.
  • Production Split-O-Matic Splitters are unique splitters with multi-stage processing and optional pneumatic gate controls. Models are easily integrated into production operations. The wide range of models offers numerous options and hopper capacities up to 12ft³ (340L). Custom design and special fabrication are available.
  • Sample Quartering Kit offers an economical method of aggregate sample size reduction that meets specification requirements. The kit includes a heavy canvas quartering cloth, along with a shovel and broom. Components are also available separately.
  • Sampling Probes have a hollow tube design for direct insertion into large stockpiles of grain, seed, or other granular material. Representative samples are collected from the tubes into containers.
  • Sample Pans are functional accessories for handling all types of materials in the lab. Heavy-gauge durable steel is welded and painted.

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