Spinning Rifflers / Rotary Sample Divider

Gilson’s Spinning Rifflers are an improvement over traditional riffle splitters for reduction of bulk materials. These rotary sample dividers use proven methods to produce accurate and representative specimens from bulk samples of dry, granular material.
Model: SP-230

Gilson Accu-Max Spinning Riffler

Starting at $11,330.00
Models: SP-245, SP-245F
  • Gilson Spinning Riffler is a laboratory model with one liter capacity for finer materials, and features a touchscreen controller for complete regulation of vibration and speed settings.
  • Accu-Max Spinning Riffler splits large bulk samples up 10 1.8ft³ (51L) of aggregate, ore, coal and other materials. Particle topsizes up to 2in (50.8mm) are quickly divided into 1/8 or 1/4 fractions.