Spinning Rifflers / Rotary Sample Divider

Spinning Rifflers virtually eliminate operator error and bias associated with other types of sample dividing. Representative sampling by spinning riffler is the method of choice for accuracy and repeatability of the highest order when sampling dry, granular materials and powders. The Gilson Spinning Riffler and larger-scale Gilson Accu-Max Spinning Riffler each offer exceptional performance in reducing dry bulk materials.


Gilson Spinning Riffler
Model: SP-230
Gilson Accu-Max Spinning Riffler

Gilson Accu-Max Spinning Riffler

Starting at $11,330.00
Models: SP-245, SP-245F
Rotary Sample Divider
  • Gilson Spinning Riffler – With a 1L capacity, the Gilson Spinning Riffler laboratory model is designed for finer granular materials and powders, and features a touchscreen controller for complete regulation of vibration and speed settings.
  • Accu-Max Spinning Riffler – Providing precision dividing and sample preparation of large bulk samples, the Accu-Max Spinning Riffler splits samples of aggregate, ore, coal and other materials in volumes up to 1.8ft³ (51L). Particle topsizes up to 2in (50.8mm) are quickly divided into 1/8 or 1/4 fractions.