Ovens & Furnaces

Ovens and Furnaces are used for many different applications and generally operate at lower temperatures for drying materials in sample preparation or for moisture determinations.


Their chambers are larger to accommodate greater volumes for efficient sample processing. Furnaces operate at much higher temperatures and are used for fusing, melting, ignition or ashing applications. Furnaces are often more compact, with thicker insulating walls to maintain the higher temperatures. The chambers are smaller, and specimens are tested in ceramic or special metal crucibles.

Hot Plates can be convenient for quick moisture contents of materials when temperature parameters are not stringent, or for heating of liquids or suspensions. A Magnetic Stirring apparatus in the base of some Hot Plates will rotate a magnetic stirring bar placed in the container of liquid for even agitation and temperature distribution. Heat Guns are hand-held blowers that direct heated air wherever they are pointed. They are useful for reducing moisture contents of larger samples to optimize preparation.