Ovens and Furnaces

Ovens and Furnaces are used in many different material testing applications. Ovens generally operate at lower temperatures for drying materials in sample preparation or for moisture content determinations. Hot Plates, Ranges, and Heat Gun Driers are more portable and convenient for use in general drying and heating applications. Furnaces generate higher temperatures for special applications.


Ovens & Furnaces

Gilson offers a wide selection of Laboratory Ovens and Muffle Furnaces and also offering specialty ovens to meet specific test standards. We also have a selection of smaller appliances, electric and propane ranges, hot plates, and heat gun driers that can be a convenient and portable alternative to ovens or furnaces for some less demanding drying and heating applications.

  • Laboratory Ovens are offered in various temperature ranges and in two convection types, gravity or forced-air. Brands include Quincy Lab, Despatch, Shel Lab®, Grieve, and Peerless Gas. Lab ovens offer efficient sample processing for common heating and drying applications. Oven models range from bench-top to floor-standing and most models are electric, some are available that operate on natural gas or LP.
  • Muffle Furnaces operate at much higher temperatures and are used for loss-on-ignition, ashing, or other applications. Furnaces are often more compact, with thicker insulating walls to maintain the higher temperatures. The chambers are smaller, and specimens are tested in ceramic or special metal crucibles. Models feature various chamber capacities, temperature capabilities, manual or digital controls, and some have programmable options.
  • Specialty Asphalt Furnaces & Ovens include Asphalt Content Furnaces which meet ASTM D6307 and AASHTO T 308 requirements for asphalt binder content determinations. Rolling Thin Film Ovens (RTFO) are also available to meet your asphalt binder testing needs. The two types of RTFO's have a unique design that allows user customization for special applications.

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