Muffle Furnaces

Gilson Muffle Furnaces have chamber capacities from 76 to 5,841in³ (1.2 to 95.7L), with maximum temperatures ranging from 2,000º to 2,350ºF (1,093º to 1,287ºC). The selection of muffle furnaces offers models with a range of features, capabilities and controller styles, including manual, digital, automatic digital, programmable or single set temperature controllers.

Models: MF-1310, MF-1315
Models: MF-7910, MF-7915
Models: MF-2, MF-2F
Models: MF-2A, MF-2AF
Models: MF-8010, MF-8015
Models: MF-8020, MF-8025
Models: MF-4A, MF-4AF
Models: MF-4, MF-4F
Models: MF-6010, MF-6020

1,537in³ Muffle Furnace

Starting at $1,217.50
Models: MF-6, MF-6A