Muffle Furnaces

Gilson Muffle Furnaces have chamber capacities from 76 to 864in³ (1.2 to 14.2L), with maximum temperatures from 2,012º to 2,192ºF (1,100º to 1,200ºC). All have digital temperature displays. Models with programmable controllers to control ramp and dwell features are available.

Economy Muffle Furnace chamber capacities range from 242 to 5,865in³, with maximum temperatures from 2,000º to 2,300ºF (1,093º to 1,260ºC). Choose from manual control models with percent input knob and analog pyrometer, or models with automatic digital controllers with digital display and programmable features.

Models: MF-1310, MF-1315
Models: MF-7910, MF-7915
Models: MF-2, MF-2F
Models: MF-2A, MF-2AF
Models: MF-8010, MF-8015
Models: MF-8020, MF-8025
Models: MF-4A, MF-4AF
Models: MF-4, MF-4F
Models: MF-6010, MF-6020