Core Sampling Equipment

Asphalt and concrete core sampling are often done to extract representative samples from existing pavements and structures for analysis. Coring is done when areas are showing signs of deterioration or routine quality assurances are required.


Concrete coring is usually performed when there is a question about the in-place strength or quality of concrete in a structure. Concrete test cylinders may have exhibited low strengths in laboratory testing or the material in place could be showing signs of deterioration.

Asphalt coring is regularly performed as a part of ongoing quality control/quality assurance activities. The asphalt cores are tested for strength and flow characteristics, along with the thickness and asphalt bitumen content.

  • Concrete Core Drills powered by gasoline or electric make core sampling of concrete and asphalt fast and efficient. Versatile models with core bit capacities up to 8in (203mm) feature quality construction and reliability.
  • Diamond Core Drill Bits for asphalt or reinforced concrete coring applications provide optimum performance for wet core drilling. The bits are available in open-head or closed-head designs in sizes from 2 to 6.25in (51 to 159mm).
  • Expander Sets for Open-Head Core Bits are required for use with open-head coring bits. Expander sets are sold in sizes matching core bit diameters and can be used over and over.
  • Core Extractors are compact and feature a locked-in grip and are used for extracting core samples from pavements or structures. Available in two size options 4in (102mm) or 6in (152mm).
  • Core Retrieval Tongs extract intact 4in (102mm) and 6in (152mm) core samples from drilled pavements and structures. Core Retrieval Tongs are long-handled and offer more leverage.
  • Strap Wrench for removing and attaching bits prevents damage to the barrel of expensive diamond core bits. 18in (457mm) strap length grips core bits up to 6in (151mm) in diameter.
  • Pressurized Water Tank supplies water to core bits through quick-connect fittings for cooling and to flush out cuttings during drilling. The manually pressurized water tank has a 4gal (15L) capacity.

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