Gilson Core Extractors

4in Gilson Core Extractors
4in Gilson Core Extractors
Model: CDA-18
Price: $85.99
6in Gilson Core Extractors
6in Gilson Core Extractors
Model: CDA-19
Price: $85.99

Gilson Core Extractors are efficient and easy-to-use for the removal of drilled cores from asphalt or concrete pavements. To operate simply insert the curved blades into the cut area around the core. Adjust the top screw, enabling the blades to grasp the core, and lock the device into place by squeezing the handles. Push sharply to break off the core bottom and lift the specimen out. Release lever to free the core.

The lock feature protects cores from damage during extraction and assures laboratory acceptance for testing without repeat drilling. Models for 4in (102mm) or 6in (152mm) core sizes have identical features and operation. Extractors are welded, painted steel with sturdy handle grips. Product Dimensions: 12x10x10in (305x254 x254mm) WxDxH.


  • No repeat drilling required due to damaged samples
  • Adjustable top screw offers secure grip on perimeter of the core
  • Best for removal of “stubborn” cores
  • Lock feature prevents damage from improper removal

Included Items:

  • Core Extractor for 4in or 6in Cores

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