Concrete Coring Equipment

Gilson offers a solid selection of products designed for efficient drilling, extracting and trimming of concrete specimens for pavement quality testing.


  • Concrete Diamond Coring Bits are optimal for reinforced concrete and other hard materials, and perform well in wet use. Concrete and Diamond Coring Bits are available in open-head or closed-head models, ranging in size from 2in to 6.25in (50.8mm-158.8mm).  We also offer a selection of Asphalt Core Drill Bits and Extender Sets in matching sizes with open-head asphalt coring bits.
  • Expander Sets for Open-Head Concrete Coring Bits are required when using the Core Drilling Machine with Open-Head Coring Bits. Expander sets are reusable and range in size from 2in to 6.25in (50.8mm-158.8mm).
  • Core Retrieval products offer safe and easy extraction of standard 4in and 6in diameter cores, and include tongs and extractors. Tongs are long-handled, while extractors are more compact, and have a locked-in grip.
  • Masonry Saws are available in portable or heavy-duty models and used for trimming concrete, asphalt and masonry specimens in preparation for further testing. Submersible pumps allow use of water for wet cutting and reduction of nuisance dust.