Concrete Coring Equipment

Concrete Coring Equipment includes Concrete Core Drills, Diamond Coring Bits, Masonry Saws, and Core Retrieval Tongs. Gilson’s coring equipment can be used to perform in a wide range of drilling applications. Applications include sampling concrete pavements, slabs, structures, cutting, and trimming of concrete specimens in sample preparation for testing. The equipment can also be used for sampling asphalt.


Concrete Coring Equipment
  • Concrete Core Drill Machines are powered by gasoline or electricity for the core sampling of concrete and asphalt. They offer fast drilling and low-bit wear.
  • Concrete Diamond Core Drill Bits provide optimum performance in wet core drilling of reinforced concrete and asphalt. The bits are available in an open-head or closed-head design. Models range in coring size from 2 to 6.25in (51 to 159mm). Asphalt Diamond Coring Bits are also available.
  • Expander Sets are required for use with open-head coring bits. Expander sets are available in sizes to match bit diameters and can be used over and over.
  • Core Retrieval extractors and tongs extract intact 4 and 6in (102 and 152mm) core samples from drilled pavements and structures. Core Extractors are more compact and feature a locked-in grip. Core Retrieval Tongs have longer handles and offer more leverage for core extraction.
  • 4gal Pressurized Water Tank supplies Core Drills pressurized water manually to cool core drill bits and flush out cuttings during drilling.
  • Core Bit Strap Wrench removes or attaches diamond core bits from the spindle of the Core Drills without damaging the equipment.
  • Masonry Saws are available in a compact and portable design or a heavy-duty model. They can perform wet cutting and trimming of concrete, asphalt, or masonry specimens during sample preparation for testing. The portable saw has a 5in (127mm) cut depth, while the heavy-duty model cut depth is 8in (203mm).

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