Concrete Core Drilling and Sawing

Core drilling of concrete is an accepted method in ASTM C42 and AASHTO T 24 for obtaining samples of hardened concrete for various strength tests, petrographic analysis, and chemical tests.


Reliable and sturdy Gilson Electric or Gasoline powered Core Drills have bit capacities up to 8in (203mm) diameter to handle the most common sampling requirements. Concrete Diamond Coring Bits are optimized for drilling hardened, reinforced concrete using a water supply. Bits are available with open-head or closed-head construction. Open head bits are more economical for long-term, heavy use applications, and require separate purchase of Expander Sets for attachment to the drill motor. Closed-head bits are one-piece units, ready for use right away, and attach directly to the drill motor. Core Retrieval Tongs easily remove completed cores, and are especially useful for extracting partial-depth cores where the structure is too thick to be completely penetrated. Masonry Saws are used for specimen preparation, cutting samples to size and trimming ends of core and cylinder samples.