Concrete Coring Equipment

Gilson’s coring and sawing equipment and accessories perform in a wide range of applications from sampling of asphalt and concrete pavements, slabs and structures to cutting and trimming of specimens in sample preparation for testing.


  • Concrete Core Drills are powered by gasoline or electric for core sampling of concrete and asphalt. They offer fast drilling and low bit wear.
  • Concrete Diamond Core Drill Bits provide optimum performance in wet core drilling of reinforced concrete and asphalt. The bits are available in open- or closed-head design with models ranging in size from 2 to 6.25in (51 to 159mm). Asphalt Diamond Coring Bits are also available.
  • Expander Sets for Open-Head Core Bits are required for use with open-head coring bits. Expander sets are available in sizes to match bit diameters and can be used over and over.
  • Core Retrieval extractors and tongs extract intact 4 and 6in (102 and 152mm) core samples from drilled pavements and structures. Core Retrieval Tongs are long-handled and offer more leverage, while Core Extractors are more compact and feature a locked-in grip.
  • Masonry Saws are available in portable and heavy-duty models and perform wet or dry cutting and trimming of concrete, asphalt or masonry specimens during sample preparation for testing. The portable saw has a 5in (127mm) cut depth, while the heavy-duty model cut depth is 8in (203mm).