Asphalt Diamond Coring Bits

Asphalt Diamond Coring Drill Bits are used for asphalt pavement applications. Open-head and closed-head core bits are available and are suitable for use with gasoline or electric-powered core drills. All coring bits are built for wet environments and are fast-cutting when used for specific applications.

Closed-head bits have an overall length of 20.5in (520.7mm) and are capable of coring up to a total depth of 18in (457.2mm), and open-head bits have an overall length of 14.75in (374.65mm) and are capable of coring to a total depth of 12.5in (317.5mm). All asphalt core bits may be refurbished when worn. The custom trapezoid segment design of diamond coring bits offers durability and longevity under optimal coring conditions.


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Asphalt Core Drill Bit

Open-Head Coring Bits require expander sets listed to be attached to drills and are slightly less expensive. These bits can be reused many times as the core barrels wear out and are replaced. Open-head bits are ideal for high-output, heavy-use applications

Closed-Head Coring Bits are one-piece construction for convenient, direct attachment to drills. There are no extra parts to buy or lose. These coring bits are ideal for light-to-medium-duty applications or for occasional use. Bits have a 1.25inx7tpi and fit standard core drills.

Note: Please inquire for sizes not shown.

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