Asphalt Coring Equipment

Gilson’s asphalt coring equipment is used in a range of applications from sampling of concrete and asphalt pavements, slabs and structures to cutting and retrieving cores, and trimming specimens for testing.


Asphalt Coring Equipment
  • Core Drilling Machines are available in gasoline or electric-powered models. The coring machines meet ASTM C42, as well as AASHTO T 24M and AASHTO R 67 standards. The gasoline-powered unit has a 6in (152mm) diameter drill bit capacity, while the electric drill models have a bit capacity of up to 12in (305mm).
  • Asphalt Diamond Coring Bits are available in open-head or closed-head styles. Final core diameter ranges from 2in (51mm) to 6.25in (159mm) and core length up to 13in. Designed for wet use and other asphalt applications.
  • Expander Sets for Open-Head Asphalt Coring Bits are required for mounting open-head style coring bits to Core Drilling Machines. Expander sets install in the end of the open core barrel. Available in sizes that correspond to the open-head coring bits. Expander Sets are reusable.
  • Core Retrieval products include tongs and extractors. Long-handled Core Retrieval Tongs are patented, designed for damage-free retrieval of 4 or 6in (102 or 152mm) cores. Gilson Core Extractors are compact and easily grasp onto the core. The extractors’ locking feature allows extraction without damage to the core.
  • Masonry Saws are available in portable and heavy-duty models that perform well in wet or dry cutting of asphalt and concrete. The portable unit is designed for a 14in (356mm) blade and has a 5in (127mm) cut depth. The heavy-duty saw has a 20in (508mm) blade capacity with a cut depth of 8in (203mm).