Asphalt Core Drilling Machines

Gasoline or electric-powered core drilling machines for asphalt and concrete materials offer easy portability and set-up, fast drilling, and low bit wear for the lowest cost per core. The gasoline-powered unit has a 6in (152mm) diameter bit capacity, while the electric core drill has a bit capacity of up to 12in (305mm). Contact us for larger bits up to 16in (406mm) for trailer-mounted rigs.


Electric Core Drill

Electric Core Drill

Starting at $5,516.00
Models: CD-6, CD-6F
Gas-Powered Core Drill
Model: CD-1
Core Drills
  • Electric Core Drill with super-duty two-speed motor offers solid performance in asphalt and concrete core drilling.
  • Gasoline-Powered Core Drill operates independently of a power source and is designed for vertical coring of asphalt and concrete pavement or slabs and for use in large drilling projects.

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