Pavement Testing Equipment

Gilson offers a versatile line of Pavement Quality Testing Products for every step of the process, from the monitoring of asphalt placement and testing of strength and permeability properties to the retrieval of drilled core specimens.


  • Core Drilling and Sawing equipment is used in preparing asphalt cores for laboratory testing. Core Drilling Machines, Asphalt Diamond Coring Bits and Expander Sets for Open-Head Asphalt Coring Bits are used in drilling asphalt cores and meet ASTM and AASHTO standards. Cores are retrieved using Tongs or Extractors, while Masonry Saws trim the specimen to testing size.
  • NCAT Asphalt Field Permeameter Kit with components tdetermine the water flow rate through asphalt pavement.
  • Laboratory Asphalt Permeameters measure hydraulic conductivity of saturated 4in and 6in diameter asphalt cores and laboratory compacted samples.
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras detect and display exact temperature, thermal gradients, heat patterns and other values in a range of paving and construction applications. The hand-held devices highlight data, key details and problem areas on display screens. Available in varying temperature ranges.
  • Asphalt Depth Gauge accurately measure thickness to confirm compliance with design parameters.
  • Benkelman Beam measures deflection under heavy wheel loads to estimate pavement performance and subgrade strength.
  • Digital Calipers are an effective tool in pavement quality testing, and provide accuracy and precision in specimen measurements. Available in 0-6in (152mm) and 10-12in (305mm) ranges.