Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras provide a non-destructive method of quickly identifying subsurface defects and areas of deterioration on a wide range of materials. The infrared cameras detect temperature and thermal gradients, allowing defects such as voids, cracks, and delaminations to be found for maintenance and repair assessment. Thermal cameras are particularly useful during asphalt placement by identifying the temperature gradients that help determine rolling patterns. Models are available in varying temperature ranges and resolution to address specific material evaluation requirements.


FLIR® C2 Compact Thermal Camera, 14°—302°F (-10°—150°C)
Model: MA-771Due to export regulations, this item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.
FLIR® Spot Thermal Camera, -13°—716°F (-25°—380°C)
Model: MA-769Due to export regulations, this item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.
FLIR® Ex-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras, -4°—482°F (-20°—250°C)
Models: MA-774, MA-775, MA-776, MA-778Due to export regulations, this item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.
Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Thermal Imaging Camera Comparison Table

Thermal image enhancement on FLIR® models adds key details from the visible spectrum camera to the infrared image on the display. The basic model displays live minimum/maximum temperature locations.

  • FLIR® C2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera is pocket-sized for convenience. The C2 features MSX® dynamic imaging technology that combines the thermal image with the real-time digital image for exceptional target detail. Temperature range is 14°–302°F (-10°–150°C).
  • FLIR® Spot Thermal Cameracombine the benefits of thermal imaging with spot infrared thermometers. Wide field of view allows quick thermal identification of large areas to precisely target the temperature measurement location. Temperature range is 13°–716°F (-25°–380°C).
  • FLIR® Ex-Series Thermal Imaging Camerasfeature MSX® dynamic imaging technology that produces a blended thermal/visible image for clear, detailed images. The Ex-Series cameras have Wi-Fi connectivity and are available in three levels of thermal sensitivity and visual image resolution. Temperature range is -4°–482°F (-20°–250°C).
  • Basic Thermal Imaging Camera can combine the thermal and visual image in 25% increments for enhanced target definition. Five color palettes and minimum/maximum temperature location indicators for improved clarity and site diagnosis. Temperature range is -4°–572°F (-20°–300°C).