Core Removal Tools

Tools designed and built for retrieval of drilled cores in pavement and structures save time and frustration. Once the cores are drilled they often need to be “snapped”, or broken off at the bottom before they can be lifted out of the hole for retrieval. Core Retrieval Tools efficiently perform both actions for standard 4in and 6in diameter cores.

Core Retrieval Tongs

Core Retrieval Tongs

Starting at $79.00
Models: CDA-15, CDA-16
Gilson Core Extractors

Gilson Core Extractors

Starting at $100.00
Models: CDA-18, CDA-19
Core Retrieval
  • Core Retrieval Tongs are long enough to use when standing and can generate considerable leverage for breaking off cores. Once freed, the cores lift out easily.
  • Core Extractors are compact for easy handling and storage and have a powerful, locked-in grip for extracting stubborn cores without damage.

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