Riffle Splitters

Riffle Splitters quickly divide granular materials and fine powders for representative sampling. Precision Splitters have a quality and design similar to Jones Splitters but feature a larger selection of chute sizes, and they have all-stainless steel construction and gated hoppers. Jones Splitters have rugged construction and provide accurate sample dividing and long service life for smaller samples of granular materials and powders.


Precision Splitters

Precision Splitters

Starting at $1,504.00
Models: SP-300, SP-302, SP-304, SP-306
Jones Splitters

Jones Splitters

Starting at $516.50
Models: SP-171, SP-171X, SP-173, SP-174, SP-175, SP-177
  • Precision Splitters are available in four different chute sizes and three different hopper capacities, the riffle-type Precision Splitters offer accurate splitting for a wide range of sizes. All are constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel with gated hoppers and feature quick disassembly for easy cleaning.
  • Jones Splitters are constructed for long service life. SP-171 and SP-171X feature an open feeder to guide material past 0.125in (3.2mm) chutes and are designed for materials with 1 to 1.5mm topsize. SP-171 is constructed with a stainless steel feeder, and the chutes and pans are made of hardened aluminum. The SP-171X is constructed of all stainless steel contact parts to avoid sample contamination. Jones Splitters SP-173, SP-174, SP-175, and SP-177 feature a gated hopper design to hold material until released and are sized for larger sample volumes. Chute widths range from 0.125 to 0.5in (3.2 to 12.7mm). Precision splitters have a stainless steel frame and hopper, and the pans are constructed of aluminum.

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