Sampling Probes

Sampling Probes are useful for sampling seed, grain, and other granular materials. Shorter length probes are more commonly used when sampling from drums and bins, while longer probes are optimal for sampling from larger stockpiles such as barges, railcars, large trucks, and hoppers.


Sample Probes

Gilson offers a selection of sampling probes to ensure accurate collection of powders, granules, pellets, seed, and other materials for sampling.

  • Bag Triers are constructed of nickel-plated steel and are available in 6in and 12in. They have a hollow handle and tapered point, with a single large opening. Used for sampling granular material through bags. 
  • Keystone Carbon Sampling Probes are made of chrome-plated steel and specially designed to sample fine powders, specifically powdered metal and chemicals. “T” handle aids penetration into compacted materials.
  • Single and Double Tube Sampling Probes are used for sampling fertilizers, foods, pharmaceuticals, and more. Available in 18in to 120in. Double Tube Probes come with or without partitions and are constructed of brass or stainless steel. Single Tube Probes are made of stainless steel.
  • Triple-Zone Sampler is a probe that has three partitioned cells to collect samples of powders, pellets, and other bulk granular materials. Constructed of aluminum with sharp stainless steel point.