Single and Double Tube Sampling Probes

Sampling Probes are used for representative sampling of a variety of granular materials, such as fertilizers, grains, dry foods and pharmaceuticals from stockpiles, bags, drums, bins, and such. Gilson’s selection of probes features varying designs and lengths. Double-tube probes have a rotating outer tube that only allows a sample to be collected when open and prevents contamination or loss when closed. Some of these probes have partitioned cells for discrete sampling from different layers. Single-Tube Probes have simple openings to allow material to flow in.


  • 18in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Nickel-Plated Steel is constructed with five non-partitioned openings. This 18in (457mm) probe has a 0.5in (12.7mm) diameter. It easily collects samples of dry foods, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and more.
  • 30in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Chrome-Plated Brass has nine non-partitioned openings and works well with many dry granular materials. Its inner tube rotates for easy opening and closing of sample holes. It has a 0.5in (12.7mm) diameter
  • 34in Single-Tube Sampling Probe, Stainless Steel is available with 0.7in (17.5mm) outside diameter. This 34in (864mm) probe has a wooden handle and works well with flour and similar materials.
  • 36.5in Single-Tube Sampling Probe, Stainless Steel is available with 0.875in (22.2mm) outside diameter. It has an open-ended handle and is used with fertilizers and other materials of similar composition.
  • 39in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Chrome-Plated Brass has a 0.875in (22.2mm) diameter and six non-partitioned openings. The 39in (991mm) brass probe samples pharmaceutical, food and fertilizer materials and is designed with a rotating inner tube.
  • 39in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Stainless Steel has a 0.875in (22.2mm) diameter. Its design features six openings with no partitions, a rotating inner tube to open or close sample collection holes, and handle with an open end.
  • 40in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Brass is made of extruded brass, with six non-partitioned openings and rugged cast-bronze points. This unit has a 1.375in (34.9mm) diameter and is ideal for sampling a range of dry powders and granular materials.
  • 51in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Brass has eight non-partitioned openings and 1.375in (34.9mm) diameter. It is used for collecting samples of dry food, pharmaceutical, fertilizer and similar materials to test. Collected samples easily dispense through the open-end handle.
  • 62in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Brass has a spiral design and 10 non-partitioned openings. The 62in (1,575mm) unit has a 1.375in (34.9mm) diameter and open-end handle for easy emptying of the sample. Ideal for collecting samples of different materials.
  • 63in Double-Tube Sampling Probes, Brass are available with 10 openings, with or without partitions, or with 11 openings and partitions. Each model has a 1.375in (34.9mm) diameter and rotating inner tubes to open or close sample holes. Used for a wide array of sampling materials.
  • 72in Double-Tubes Sampling Probes, Brass are available with 12 openings, with or without partitions, and have a rotating inner tube. Made of extruded brass, the probes have a 1.375in (34.9mm) diameter and are for use in collecting samples of foods, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals.
  • 96in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Brass has 16 non-partitioned openings. It has a 1.375in (34.9mm) diameter with rotating inner tube. This product works well in sampling of food, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical dry materials.
  • 120in Double-Tube Sampling Probe, Brass/Bronze Point has 20 openings and no partitions, with a 1.375in (34.9mm) diameter. An open-end handle allows easy removal of samples. It is used to collect food, pharmaceutical, fertilizer and other similar material samples.