Enclosed Sample Splitters

  • The Gilson SP-10 Totally Enclosed Splitter is based on our SP-1 Universal Sample Splitter and uses the same gate-release hopper and adjustable chute bars for superior accuracy and versatility.
  • The Gilson SP-6 Quadri-Splitter has 60° chutes and produces four ¼ fractions in each pass. It features a unique tilt-loading system for bulk samples.
  • The Holmes Enclosed Sample Splitter for 3/8 to 1in (9.5 to 25mm) particle top sizes has 60° chute slopes, feed hopper-guides and enclosures as preferred for coal and coke applications to meet ASTM D2013 and D346.
Model: SP-10
Model: SP-6

Holmes Enclosed Sample Splitters

Starting at $1,858.00
Models: SP-1015FX, SP-1017FX, SP-1018FX, SP-1060, SP-1060X, SP-1070, SP-1070X, SP-1050, SP-1050X