Enclosed Sample Splitters

Enclosed splitters offer the same functionality as conventional splitters, but feature construction designed to reduce or eliminate airborne dust from sample handling operations. An enclosed splitter:

  • Significantly reduces nuisance dust
  • Eliminates sample loss
  • Reduces moisture loss


Gilson Quadri-Splitter
Model: SP-6
Holmes Enclosed Sample Splitters
Models: SP-1015FX, SP-1017FX, SP-1018FX, SP-1060, SP-1060X, SP-1070, SP-1070X, SP-1050, SP-1050X
Enclosed Sample Splitters

Selecting the type of enclosed splitter will depend on its use and applications, sample size and material composition. We offer three widely-used types of enclosed splitters, each designed for specific applications and uses.

  • Gilson Totally Enclosed Universal Splitter features Gilson’s Universal Design, incorporating adjustable-width chutes and gated hoppers. This model accommodates a wide range of particle sizes with accuracy and versatility.
  • Gilson Quadri-Splitter is designed for use with coal, coke and mineral aggregates. Its enclosed construction reduces moisture variations.
  • Holmes Enclosed Sample Splitters are effective in dividing smaller samples of fine powders for coal and coke, minerals and ores, foods and pharmaceuticals.