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Gilson Concrete Air Meter with Gorilla Gauge

Gilson Concrete Air Meter with Gorilla Gauge

Model: HM-30
Price: $655.00
Gilson Concrete Air Meter with Stainless Steel Gauge

Gilson Concrete Air Meter with Stainless Steel Gauge

Model: HM-30S
Price: $655.00

Gilson's high-quality Type B Concrete Air Meter measures air entrainment from the fresh concrete sample in the base. Our HM-30 model features the exclusive Gilson Gorilla Gauge, while the new, economical HM-30S offers an American-made stainless steel gauge. Other features of the two units are identical. Long-lasting stainless steel clamps adjust quickly and are less expensive to replace. A built-in pump with a large, easy-grip handle builds pressure in the meter quickly. It is shielded to keep dirt and water out of the piston area. Brass petcocks have stainless steel ball valves for accuracy and durability. Petcock handles are vinyl coated for more comfortable operation. The cast aluminum base volume is 1/4ft³ and can also be used for unit weight and yield determinations.

The accuracy of the Gilson air meters exceeds ASTM requirements. Calibration Vessel, Calibration Tubes, Tamping Rod, Aluminum Straightedge, Syringe for water, Carrying Case, and operating instructions are all included. The sturdy plastic carrying case holds a meter with all components securely in die-cut foam padding.

HM-30 features our exclusive Gorilla Gauge, a rugged German-engineered gauge with precision jeweled movement and a high-strength Polymid B molded housing that is waterproof and rustproof. Micro-adjustable calibration screws ensure superior accuracy and save time during calibration and maintenance procedures. The Gorilla Gauge is ANSI-rated B40 Grade 2A with accuracy ±1/2% of full scale. The dual-layer safety glass lens is sealed behind a threaded bezel with O-ring.

HM-30S uses a dependable and accurate American-made gauge with stainless steel housing. The sturdy industrial rack and pinion mechanism is accurate to ±1% of full scale. A threaded bezel with a gasket seals the safety glass lens.

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  • Accurate, high-quality, and easy to use for testing air-entrained concrete
  • New precision Gorilla Gauge features a rugged plastic housing and safety glass
  • The sturdy plastic carrying case is fitted to carry all required components

Included Items:

  • Gilson Concrete Air Meter, with Gorilla Gauge or Stainless Steel Gauge
  • Calibration Vessel
  • Calibration Tubes
  • 24in (610mm) Tamping Rod
  • Aluminum Straightedge
  • Syringe
  • Plastic carrying case


  • Tamping Rods have hemispherical tips and are for use when consolidating concrete specimens in required tests that include slump, air content, and strength
  • HMA-368 Concrete Strike-Off Bar is used to remove excess material
  • Replacement Gauges are quality, dependable gauges that fit most Type B Concrete Air Meters
  • Replacement Air Pump fits Gilson Concrete Air Meters (and those from other manufacturers), with solid construction that offers a longer service life. For a list of more replacement parts view our concrete air meter replacement parts page.

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Dimensions Carrying Case: 27 x 14 x 14in (686 x 356 x 356mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-30: 40.0lb (18.14kg)

HM-30S: 35.0lb (15.88kg)

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Dimensions Carrying Case: 27 x 14 x 14in (686 x 356 x 356mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight

HM-30: 40.0lb (18.14kg)

HM-30S: 35.0lb (15.88kg)

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