Concrete Air Meters

Concrete Air Meters measure air content of fresh concrete using ASTM and AASHTO standard test methods. Models are available to test mixes using standard or light-weight aggregates, as well as a new model to determine air void spacing factor.


  • Gilson’s Concrete Air Meters are rugged, affordable, portable, easy-to operate and designed for on-the-spot accurate results. Related items and accessories include an air indicator kit, meter calibrators, tamping rods, replacement gauges, and a replacement air pump.
  • Super Air Meter (SAM) is a special meter similar to a Type B meter, and determines air content and air void spacing factor in less than 10 minutes. The SAM value corresponds with air void spacing and provides a good indication of freeze-thaw durability. Its programmed digital gauge easily prompts and guides the user through the ASTM and AASHTO test procedures.
  • Lightweight Roll-A-Meter is a volumetric air meter designed for testing any concrete mix, but is specifically required by ASTM and AASHTO standards for use with concrete mixes that contain lightweight aggregates. Readings of percent of air are directly obtained from liquid level on the scale.
  • Volumetair Air Meter is a kit equipped with all components needed for testing to ASTM and AASHTO standards. It provides accurate measurements of air content in any concrete specimen and performs especially well with lightweight mixes. This unit is constructed of PVC and fiberglass-reinforced plastic.
  • Chase Air Indicator Kit is an easy-to-use field tool to quickly estimate the air content in fresh concrete. The kit comes with a vial, cup with stopper, cleaning brush, squeeze bottles and instructions, all housed in a plastic carrying case.
  • Concrete Air Meter Calibrators are used in the field to check accuracy of pressure-type concrete air-meters. They are available in models constructed of brass, plastic or lightweight aluminum for quick checks of concrete pressure meters.
  • Tamping Rods are stainless steel rods used to consolidate fresh concrete for slump, air content and molding of strength specimens. They are available in three different lengths in diameters of 3/8 or 5/8in (10 or 16mm).
  • Replacement Gauges for Concrete Air Meters are used on Gilson and most other Type B Concrete Air Meters and are an upgrade from the original equipment gauge. Available in a rugged stainless steel model or ANSI-rated German-engineered Gorilla Gauge.
  • Replacement Pump for Concrete Air Meters fits most Type B concrete air meters from Gilson and other manufacturers. This replacement pump is an upgrade that pressurizes quickly for efficient testing.