Lightweight Concrete Roll-A-Meter

Model: HM-32L
Price: $689.00
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• Volumetric air meters can be used on any concrete, but are required for lightweight mixes.

• New lightweight anodized aluminum model is less than half the weight of original unit.

The new lightweight version of the popular Roll-A-Meter is a simple and accurate device for measuring air content of concrete mixes. It is often used with lightweight aggregate concrete. The lightweight anodized aluminum version is less than half the weight of earlier bronze models. Hard-anodized aluminum bowl and neck are highly scratch and wear resistant.

The base and top are fastened with quick acting stainless steel clamps after concrete sample is placed in base. Water and isopropyl alcohol are added to zero mark on neck, and meter is inverted, rolled, and rocked until air is removed for concrete. Percent of air is read directly from liquid level on scale.

HM-32L Lightweight Roll-A-Meter may also be used as a pycnometer for determining specific gravity of sand, gravel, and cement. Unit is supplied in foam-lined plastic carrying case with Straight Edge, Tamping Rod, Syringe, Baffle-Bottom Funnel, and instructions. Base is 130in³ (2,130ml). Overall height: 22in (559mm); Maximum diameter: 8in (203mm).

Estimated Shipping Weight 29.0lbs (13.15kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 29.0lbs (13.15kg)
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