Fresh Concrete Testing Equipment

Gilson carries all the equipment you need to ensure high-quality pavements and structures. Measure slump, unit weight, flowability, passing ability and air content to ensure compliance with applicable specifications.


Fresh Concrete Testing Equipment
  • Slump Testing includes test cones, bases, tamping rods and accessories for measuring concrete workability. Sets and individual components meet ASTM C143 and AASHTO T 119 standards.
  • Concrete Air Meters determine air content of concrete to meet specification requirements for freeze/thaw durability. Choose from Type B meters, lightweight Roll-A-Meters or the Super Air Meter (SAM) that tests air content while profiling air void characteristics.
  • Unit Weight (density) tests provide data for yield calculations of fresh concrete batches and confirm mix design quantities. Select rugged steel or machined aluminum unit weight buckets, corrosion-proof aluminum strike-off plates and a variety of digital or analog scales for precision weighing on-site.
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) equipment makes it easy to measure the flowability of concrete mixes designed for congested areas.
  • Concrete Vibrator consolidates freshly molded concrete specimens in the lab or field with a high-amplitude 10,000+ vibration per minute vibrating head.
  • Vibrating Table consolidates fresh concrete in cylinder and beam molds with amplitudes up to 3,600 VPM vibration.
  • Concrete Penetrometers estimate inital set of concrete and masonry mortars in the field. Penetration pistons of dial and pocket models have surface area of 1/20in² (32.3mm²) with scribed marks at 1in (25.4mm) depth. Optional 2.7in (68.6mm) diameter penetration foot for testing unit masory mortars.