Fresh Concrete Testing Equipment

Gilson carries all the equipment you need to ensure high-quality pavements and structures. Measure slump, unit weight, flowability, passing ability and air content to ensure compliance with applicable specifications.


Fresh Concrete Testing Equipment
  • Slump Testing includes tools such as Slump Cones, Bases, Rods and other accessories. Sets and individual components meet ASTM C143 and AASHTO T 119 standards.
  • Concrete Air Meters measure air content of fresh concrete mixes and provide fast, accurate results. Several different models are available to select from.
  • Super Air Meter (SAM) provides a rapid determination of air content, but also provides critical information on the size and spacing of air voids. Air void size and spacing has been proven to be directly related to  freeze-thaw resistance and overall durability. The SAM is equipped with a pre-programmed digital gauge that prompts operator through procedure steps.
  • Unit Weight Measures in either precision-machined aluminum or cost-saving steel retain their form even under tough conditions.
  • Concrete Penetrometers in dial or portable pocket-form estimate when concrete mixes are approaching their initial set.
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) equipment makes it easy to measure the flowability of concrete mixes designed for congested areas.
  • Compact Field Scales deliver a cost-effective and highly portable weighing solution for concrete, soil and asphalt specimens in the field.
  • 75,000g Capacity Ohaus Digital Field Scale, 20.0g Readability for use in the lab or on-site in the field to weigh concrete, asphalt, aggregate and soil samples. It has a 165lb (75kg) capacity that performs well for most construction materials applications.
  • Concrete Vibrator consolidates freshly molded concrete specimens in the lab or field with a high-amplitude 10,000+ vibration per minute vibrating head.
  • Vibrating Table consolidates fresh concrete in cylinder and beam molds with amplitudes up to 3,600 VPM vibration.
  • “K-Slump” Tester determines approximate slump and workability readings before or after placement in as little as 60 seconds.
  • Concrete Strike-Off Bar is used to remove excess material from molds, air meter vessels, slump cones, or unit weight measures.