Concrete Consolidation Equipment

Proper consolidation of fresh concrete samples is required to eliminate voids and entrapped air and ensure consistent and reliable test results.


Concrete Vibrator

Concrete Vibrator

Starting at $979.00
Models: HM-133, HM-133F, HM-135
Concrete Vibrating Table

Concrete Vibrating Table

Starting at $5,055.00
Models: HM-140, HM-140F
Tamping Rods

Tamping Rods

Starting at $7.00
Models: HM-48A, HM-48, HM-47, HM-63
Rubber Mallet
Model: HMA-300


Starting at $10.50
Models: HMA-306, HMA-307
Concrete Hand Floats

Concrete Hand Floats

Starting at $15.00
Models: HMA-309, HMA-305
  • Concrete Vibrator is fast and efficient for the consolidation of fresh concrete strength specimens in the lab or field.
  • Vibrating Table consolidates fresh concrete samples in the laboratory for consistent test results.
  • Tamping Rods meet standard test method specifications for manual consolidation of the slump, air content, unit weight, and strength specimens.
  • Rubber Mallet is the prescribed manual method to release entrapped air from fresh concrete samples in air meters, molds, and unit weight measures.
  • Trowels have a flat blade and wooden handle are for use in a variety of lab and field concrete testing procedures.
  • Concrete Hand Floats provide a level, smooth finish on samples to ensure even loading during compressive strength testing.