Self-Consolidating Concrete Test Equipment

Modern structural elements are often designed with congested networks of reinforcing steel, requiring the high-flow characteristics of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) to prevent voids and honeycombing. The ASTM C1621 J-Ring test, together with the C1611 Slump-Flow test, determine the passing ability of SCC, defined as the ability of the concrete to flow under its own weight to completely fill all spaces within the formwork.


All products in this SCC group meet ASTM standards, with the exception of the L-Box for which an ASTM procedure is still pending.

  • SCC Passing Ability Set for J-Ring Test can be used for both ASTM C1611 Slump Flow and C1621 J-Ring Passing Ability of SCC. Contains all the items needed for determining flow and passing ability of SCC.
  • L-Box for Self-Consolidating Concrete provides an alternative means for assessing flow and passing ability of SCC. The L-Box meets British Standard EN 12350-10.
  • Base Plate for SCC Passing Ability Test is used in J-Ring and Slump-Flow testing of SCC passing ability in accordance with ASTM C1611 and C1621.
  • Stainless Steel Straightedges for trimming and leveling specimens are available with or without graduations and meet numerous ASTM and AASHTO test standards for concrete and soils testing.
  • HDPE Strike-Off Bar for SCC Passing Ability Test is used to ensure the self-consolidating concrete specimen is level within the slump cone and also to remove excess material from the base plate.
  • Modified Slump Cone for SCC Passing Ability Test determines SCC flow under its own weight, for J-Ring and Slump Flow tests.
  • J-Ring for SCC Passing Ability Test is used with the Modified Slump Cone and Base Plate, and meets ASTM C1621 test standard.