Draw Bolts

Draw Bolt (M8 Short)

Model: CTA-49
Price: $46.00

Draw Bolt (M10 Short)

Model: CTA-48
Price: $46.00

Draw Bolt (M12 Short)

Model: CTA-55
Price: $46.00

A Draw Bolt affixes to a Pull-Off Adhesion Tester test disc. Proceq test discs require an M10 draw bolt. M8 and M12 draw bolts are for use with test discs not supplied by Proceq. The CT-143 Pull-Off Tester requires an M10 draw bolt for forces above 16kN.

CTA-48: M10 Short
CTA-49: M8 Short
CTA-55: M12 Short


  • Affixes to applicable Pull-Off Tester test disc
  • M8, M10, or M12 size

Included Items:

  • Draw bolt (M8, M10, or M12)


  • Test Discs for Pull-Off Adhesion Testers are available in different sizes and materials to meet applicable test standards
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Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)