Concrete Slump Testing Equipment

Concrete slump test equipment is used to measure the consistency and workability of fresh concrete, and indirectly, the water/cement ratio of the concrete mix. Gilson offers a complete selection of slump testing equipment meeting ASTM C143, AASHTO T 119, and BS 1881 standards for testing in the lab or field.


Concrete Slump Test Equipment

Select from individual products or required components in our convenient Slump Test Sets. A number of accessories from Gilson make slump testing easier and more efficient, from sample preparation to clean-up. Select from scoops, trowels, brushes, measuring tapes, or funnel.

  • Slump Test Sets offer convenience and assurance that testing can be readily performed in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards. Standard sets include a slump cone, base, and tamping rod. Deluxe sets also include a scoop, funnel, measuring tape, and cleaning brush.
  • Slump Cones are constructed of rugged plated steel or high-density plastic and meet ASTM and AASHTO or BS standards. Plastic and steel slump cones are rust-resistant and available in inch or metric dimensions. They can be secured by standing on the integral foot tabs or clamped in the slump test base for additional stability.
  • Tamping Rods in 0.626x24in, 0.374x12in or 0.374x18in (15.9x610mm, 9.5x305mm, or 9.5x457mm) Dia. xL sizes are machined from solid stainless steel and will not corrode. Both ends have hemispherical tips and meet the requirements of numerous ASTM and AASHTO standards for testing slump and air content, and molding concrete strength samples.
  • Slump Test Bases come in models constructed of EZ-Clean high-density polyethylene or cast aluminum, equipped with a carrying handle, and offer a smooth and stable working platform for both plastic or steel slump cones.
  • 38oz or 58oz Aluminum Scoops are easy to handle for remixing the bulk sample and dispensing a representative sample of fresh concrete into slump cones.
  • Scrub Brushes are useful for easy clean-up of all concrete testing equipment.
  • Slump Cone Filling Funnel reduces spillage and waste.
  • Tape Measures are the most accurate and efficient way to measure slumps and serve a number of other purposes.

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