Slump Test Sets and Components

Gilson Slump Test Sets and Components include full sets, or quality components sold individually to meet requirements of ASTM C143 and AASHTO T 119 tests.


  • Slump Test Sets consist of a cone, base and rod for the standard sets. Deluxe sets add a scoop, funnel, measuring tape and cleaning brush for a complete testing package.
  • Slump Cones are available in plastic or steel options in inch or metric versions to and measure workability of fresh concrete.
  • Tamping Rods are available in different specification sizes for consolidation of concrete specimens for slump, air content and strength tests.
  • Slump Test Bases provide a stableplatform for easier set-up and more consistent results.
  • Slump Test Accessories including scoops, trowels, brushes, measuring tapes and funnels make testing easier and more efficient.