Slump Cones

Gilson Slump Cones measure the workability of a fresh concrete mix in accordance with applicable ASTM and AASHTO standards. The slump cone test is performed for acceptance purposes, to record mixture characteristics, or as an indirect method of determining the water/cement ratio.


Steel Slump Cone

Steel Slump Cone

Starting at $53.00
Models: HM-45, HM-45M
Plastic Slump Cones

Plastic Slump Cones

Starting at $28.50
Models: HM-39, HM-39F
Concrete Slump Cone

The cones are constructed of rust-resistant spun steel or high-density plastic. The cones meet inch (4x8x12) or metric (100x200x300) dimensional requirements for holding the compacted concrete layers.

The slump cone test can be carried out in the lab or field. Slump base plates are available and can be used interchangeably with steel or plastic cones.

  • Steel Slump Cones are available in inch or metric units. The slump cones meet ASTM criteria for top diameter, bottom diameter, and height indicated within the standards.
  • Plastic Slump Cones are made from lightweight, easy to clean, durable high-density plastic. They meet ASTM inch or metric dimensional requirements.

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