Concrete Penetrometers

Concrete Penetrometers allow rapid in-place estimates of concrete initial set. After initial set, concrete can no longer be effectively consolidated, and is nearly ready for final finishing operations. These convenient field devices yield approximate results of standard ASTM or AASHTO test methods.


Concrete Dial Penetrometer
Model: HM-78
Concrete Pocket Penetrometer
Model: HM-80

Gilson Concrete Penetrometers feature penetration plungers with 1/20in² (32.3mm²) surface area and scribed marks to indicate 1in (25.4mm) penetration. Each model can also be adapted with an optional 2.7in (68.6mm) diameter penetration foot to evaluate mortars for unit masonry.

  • Concrete Dial Penetrometer has dial gauge with dual scales and is a portable, easy-to-use unit.
  • Concrete Pocket Penetrometer is a rugged device with a calibrated reaction spring. It features a sliding indicator band on the barrel etched with a 0-700psi scale.