Concrete Unit Weight (Density)

Unit Weight Measures are used to determine the unit weight and void content of aggregates for quality control and mix design specifications. Measures can also be used to determine cement content, yield, and relative yield for concrete volume verification and mixture air content.


Aluminum Unit Weight Measures
Models: HM-10, HM-11, HM-12, HM-29, HM-13
Steel Unit Weight Measures

Steel Unit Weight Measures

Starting at $105.00
Models: HM-20, HM-21, HM-22, HM-28, HM-23
Tamping Rods

Tamping Rods

Starting at $7.00
Models: HM-48A, HM-48, HM-47, HM-63
Strike-Off Plates

Strike-Off Plates

Starting at $61.50
Models: HMA-490, HMA-491, HMA-492, HMA-493
Glass Plate
Model: SA-66
Concrete Strike-Off Bar
Model: HMA-368
Compact Field Scales

Compact Field Scales

Starting at $279.00
Models: CP-6, CP-15, CP-35, CP-75, CP-150A, CP-200
Rubber Mallet
Model: HMA-300
Scrub Brushes

Scrub Brushes

Starting at $12.50
Models: TSA-232, TSA-233
Concrete Hand Floats

Concrete Hand Floats

Starting at $15.00
Models: HMA-309, HMA-305
Unit Weight Measures
  • Aluminum Unit Weight Measures are machined for accuracy and meet ASTM C29, ASTM C138, AASHTO T 19, and AASHTO T 121 test standards. Integral handles are formed into the castings. Available with nominal volumes of 1ft³, 1/2ft³, 1/3ft³, 1/4ft³, or 1/10ft³
  • Steel Unit Weight Measures can be user-calibrated for volume and used in applications that do not require strict compliance with standard test methods. They are equipped with bail handles. Available with nominal volumes of 1ft³, 1/2ft³, 1/3ft³, 1/4ft³, or 1/10ft³
  • Tamping Rods in 0.626x24in, 0.374x12in, or 0.374x18in (15.9x610mm, 9.5x305mm, or 9.5x457mm) Dia.xL sizes are machined from solid stainless steel and will not corrode. Both ends have hemispherical tips and meet the requirements of numerous ASTM and AASHTO standards for testing slump and air content, and molding concrete strength samples.
  • Strike-off Plates are made of corrosion-proof aluminum and are used for striking off various aggregate and concrete testing samples.
  • Glass Plate meets ASTM D4318 for testing the plastic limit of soils and can be used in other laboratory tests.
  • Concrete Strike-Off Bar is used to remove excess material from molds, air meter vessels, slump cones, or unit weight measures.
  • Compact Field Scales deliver a cost-effective and highly portable weighing solution for concrete, soil, and asphalt specimens in the field.
  • Ohaus Digital Field Scale has a 68,000g capacity with 22.7g readability. It is for use in the lab or on-site in the field to weigh concrete, asphalt, aggregate, and soil samples. It has a 165lb (75kg) capacity that performs well for most construction materials applications.
  • 38oz or 58oz Aluminum Scoops are easy to handle for remixing the bulk sample and dispensing a representative sample of fresh concrete into slump cones.
  • Rubber Mallet has a 2.25in (57mm) hard rubber face for consolidating concrete in unit weight measures or removing specimen molds.
  • Scrub Brushes are useful for easy clean-up of all concrete testing equipment.
  • Concrete Hand Floats provide a smooth finish and level surface on concrete mold and cylinder samples.

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