Unit Weight Measures

Unit Weight Measures are cylindrical volumetric containers for unit weight and void content determinations of concrete and aggregates. Models are available in precision-machined cast aluminum or durable welded steel with nominal volumes of 1ft3, 1/2ft3, 1/3ft3, 1/4ft3, or 1/10ft3. Both styles are water-tight with top and bottom true and even. Rugged construction prevents deformation under rough usage.


Aluminum Unit Weight Measures

Starting at $121.50
Models: HM-10, HM-11, HM-12, HM-13, HM-29

Steel Unit Weight Measures

Starting at $63.00
Models: HM-20, HM-21, HM-22, HM-28, HM-23
  • Aluminum Unit Weight Measures are machined for accuracy and meet ASTM C29, ASTM C138, AASHTO T 19 and AASHTO T 121 test standards. Integral handles are formed into the castings.
  • Steel Unit Weight Measures can be user-calibrated for volume and used in applications that do not require strict compliance with standard test methods. They are equipped with bail handles.