Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor

Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor (115V/60Hz)

Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor (115V/60Hz)

Model: HM-580
Price: $8,400.00
Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor (230V/50Hz)

Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor (230V/50Hz)

Model: HM-580F
Price: $9,150.00

Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor combines the accuracy and ease of use of a conventional mechanical compactor with new industry-leading safety and convenience features. Testing versatility is increased with the ability to accommodate CBR/LBR Mold Sets.

The exclusive Gilson programmable digital controller features a drop-down menu that allows selection of the desired compaction or bearing ratio test procedure, each pre-programmed with the lift, and blow count requirements for ASTM, AASHTO, or FM-5-515 test methods. In addition, the digital controller continually displays the current lift and number of blows on the easy-to-read four-line LCD display throughout the compaction test process. Turntable rotation is also pre-programmed to apply a uniform number of blows per 360-degree rotation based on the required blows per lift for the test procedure selected. At the end of a programmed compaction cycle, the hammer must be lifted and placed onto the hammer safety arm. This allows additional soil to be added to the mold for the next lift, or the soil can be leveled with the top of the mold to determine its mass per volume when the test is complete. For special compaction and remolding applications, the user can program the digital controller to custom parameters. Parameters include the degree of rotation between blows, lifts, and blow counts per lift.

The hammer lift mechanism ensures the correct 12in or 18in (305mm or 457mm) drop height of the hammer is consistent as additional soil is added to the mold during compaction. The drop height is factory calibrated, but minor adjustments can easily be made by the user if required. The lift mechanism is uniquely designed to allow the compactor's drop height to easily be switched between 12in and 18in (305mm or 457mm) within seconds by completely backing out knobs that control the drop point. The total mass of the free-falling hammer is also quickly changed between 5.5lb and 10lb (2.5kg and 4.5kg) by the addition of a surcharge weight. The conventional 2in (51mm) diameter hammer with a circular face can be used, or the sector (pie)-face hammer with the same 3.14in² surface area and mass can be substituted; both are included. The Soil Compactor can be used with Gilson 4in (102mm) or 6in (152mm) soil density Proctor molds, or CBR and LBR molds.

A pause feature in the programmable controller suspends operation in the middle of a compaction cycle, to allow the safe addition of material to the mold if needed. Operation is then resumed with no need to reset the machine. A safety door interlock switch stops the compaction process if the door is opened during a test. The test is resumed from the point when the door was opened, by re-pressing the start button. The E-Stop button mounted on the controller stops all operations immediately. The Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor features heavy steel construction with a durable powder-coated finish. The sturdy polycarbonate plastic windows allow viewing of operation and confirmation of the selected drop height.

The HM-580 Compactor includes our exclusive programmable digital controller, 4in and 6in (152mm) diameter compaction molds, 2in (51mm) round, and 3.14in² (2025.8mm²) sector-face 5.5lb (2.5kg) hammer assemblies, plus a bolt-on surcharge mass to increase total hammer weight to 10lb (4.5kg). The HMA-581 Base Extension accessory raises the working height of the mechanical compactor by 10.25in (260mm). Optional factory-installed HMA-582 Lower Doors enclose the mold and turntable assembly. A safety interlock prevents the doors from being opened until each compaction cycle is complete, or the pause or E-stop buttons are pressed. The Lower Doors are constructed of 12-gauge steel with plexiglass windows to allow viewing during operation. The compactor operates on 115V/60Hz power supplies and features a 1/3hp main motor and an encoded turntable motor. Inquire for models operating on other power supplies.


  • Adds the efficiency and convenience of conventional mechanical compactors
  • Safety interlocks and emergency stop button
  • Versatility to accommodate CBR and LBR soil molds
  • The drop height is factory calibrated, but fully adjustable by the user
  • Intuitive, menu-guided programming shown on a four-line digital display
  • Number of blows fully programmable
  • Automatic indexing
  • Detachable hammer mass for standard or modified compaction operations

Included Items:

  • Gilson Mechanical Soil Compactor
  • 5.5lb (2.5kg) round and sector face hammers
  • Surcharge hammer mass to increase the total weight to 10lb (4.5kg)
  • 4in (102mm) Soil Density Mold
  • 6in (152mm) Soil Density Mold


Electrical 115V/60Hz
Product Dimensions 27.75 x 21.5 x 66.25in (705 x 546 x 1,683mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 635.0lb (288.04kg)

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Electrical 115V/60Hz
Product Dimensions 27.75 x 21.5 x 66.25in (705 x 546 x 1,683mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 635.0lb (288.04kg)