Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) Mold Set

Model: BRA-59
Price: $148.50

Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) Mold Set consists of the Mold Body, Compaction Collar, and Base used to mold LBR samples. Each LBR Mold Component can be purchased separately. BRA-62 LBR Spacer Disc is required and purchased separately. The mold is 6x6in (152x152mm), Dia. x H and the base is perforated as required in the test method. The base has threaded rods and wing nuts to secure the mold and collar for compaction operations. The collar is 2.375in (60mm) high. The collar is interchangeable between Gilson CBR Molds and LBR compaction molds. The assembly can be used with Soil Compaction Hammers or with the HM-530 Mechanical Soil Compactor.


  • Meets FM 5-515 test method
  • Constructed of heavy steel, plated for rust resistance

Included Items:

  • Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) Mold Set


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Specimen Size 6 x 6in (152 x 152mm) Dia.xH
Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)

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Specimen Size 6 x 6in (152 x 152mm) Dia.xH
Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)
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