LBR Equipment

Gilson offers a complete line of individual products and equipment sets needed to perform the Florida FM-5-515 Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) test. Many of these products share the same requirements as the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test.


LBR Components / Tools

Our line of LBR testing products used for preparing Limerock Bearing Ratio samples complies with Florida FM 5-515 standards for evaluating base and subgrade materials.

  • Gilson Load Frames are available in 10,000 and 20,000lbf in varying strain rates. The frames can be adapted with available sets and components to run a variety of laboratory soil tests.
  • LBR Load & Displacement Measurement measures loads and displacement when conducting CBR or LBR tests. Many are available together in comprehensive sets and are available as individual items.
  • LBR Test Set consists of the Molds, Surcharge Masses, Swell Plates, and Filters necessary for preparing up to four Limerock Bearing Ratio samples.
  • CBR/LBR Data Acquisition Software works with the HMA-685D CBR/LBR Digital Component Set to record specimen information and display real-time test data, calculate results, then prepare reports following ASTM and AASHTO requirements.
  • LBR Mold Set Components include the mold, base, and collar, all sold separately for replacement or additional preparation of specimens for 6x6in (152mmx152mm) soil specimens.
  • LBR Components include the LBR mold assemblies and other individual items for conducting the LBR test.
  • Surcharge Weights are available in annular or slotted versions and are used to apply surcharge loads during testing.
  • LBR Spacer Disc fits in the bottom of LBR Molds and serves as a false bottom during sample molding.
  • LBR Swell Plate used in testing to measure swell.
  • Penetration Pistons are used for LBR testing by measuring the piston load and comparing it to the depth of penetration.
  • CBR/LBR Filters are placed between the soil and spacer disc during the test and on top of the soil surface after compaction.
  • CBR/LBR Soaking Tank is a heavy-duty container used for the soaking process of two maximum CBR or LBR molds.
  • CBR/LBR Mold Support Rack is used to hold a CBR or LBR mold and test components while soaking in the Soaking Tank.