LBR Test Set

Model: BRA-57
Price: $2,091.00

LBR Test Set contains products to prepare samples for the Limerock Bearing Ratio Test. The set includes four BRA-59 Mold Assemblies, four BRA-63 Annular Surcharge Weights, 12 BRA-64 Slotted Surcharge Weights, and four BRA-67 Swell Plates. Also included is one BRA-62 LBR Spacer Disc which is placed in the mold during compaction and one package of BRA-76 Paper Filters (100/pkg).


  • Allows set up to four LBR test specimens at one time
  • Meets Florida standards for LBR testing

Included items:

  • BRA-57 LBR Test Set:
    • (4) BRA-59 Mold Assemblies
    • (4) BRA-63 Annular Surcharge Weights, 5lb
    • (12) BRA-64 Slotted Surcharge Weights, 5lb
    • (4) BRA-67 Swell Plates
    • BRA-62 LBR Spacer Disc
    • BRA-76 Paper Filters, 100/pkg


  • BRA-59 LBR Mold Set to hold specimens for LBR testing
  • Surcharge Weights are used in applying surcharged loads on the soil surface
  • BRA-67 Swell Plates for measuring specimen swell
  • BRA-76 Paper Filters (100/pkg) for separating soil from the spacer disc during compaction or to place on the top of the soil when compacting is done
  • BRA-62 LBR Spacer Disc which is placed in the mold during compaction
  • CBR/LBR Soaking Tank is a heavy-duty container used for the soaking process of two maximum CBR or LBR molds.
  • CBR/LBR Mold Support Rack is used to hold a CBR or LBR mold and test components while soaking in the Soaking Tank.
Specimen Size 6 x 6in (152 x 152mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 209.0lb (94.80kg)

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Specimen Size 6 x 6in (152 x 152mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 209.0lb (94.80kg)
Meets Standard(s):
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