Aggregate Washers

Full-Size Aggregate Washer (115V / 60Hz)
Full-Size Aggregate Washer (115V / 60Hz)
Model: HM-57R
Price: $1,689.50
Full-Size Aggregate Washer (230V / 50Hz)
Full-Size Aggregate Washer (230V / 50Hz)
Model: HM-57RF
Price: $1,675.00
Table Top Aggregate Washer (115V / 60Hz)
Table Top Aggregate Washer (115V / 60Hz)
Model: HM-52
Price: $950.00
Table Top Aggregate Washer (230V / 50Hz)
Table Top Aggregate Washer (230V / 50Hz)
Model: HM-52F
Price: $1,012.50

Aggregate Washer models automatically wash soil and aggregate samples to remove fines passing the No.200 sieve. Inconsistencies and high cost of manual methods are eliminated. Water is continuously fed into the revolving, inclined stainless steel drum through a flexible gooseneck nozzle with a regulated connection. The sample is gently agitated until overflow is clear. Overflow is directed to sieves to prevent loss of oversize material in decanted wash water. Removable drums can be used as weighing containers.

Both Aggregate Washer models incorporate vinyl tubing for a connection to a standard water line or faucet with user applied adapter to provide sufficient water supply for the aggregate washing process. The water continuously flows into the revolving wash drum and washes the aggregate sample. The constant washing creates an aggregate and water mixture that overflows from the wash drum and into a No. 200 (75µm) sieve. For more information on how this process works, check out our blog post, How to Optimize Fines Content Determinations.

HM-57R Full-Size Aggregate Washer allows processing of large aggregate and soil samples up to 15lb (7kg).  This unit can be positioned near a floor drain for efficient operation. Stainless steel drum size is 11in diameter x 13in high (279x330mm). Extra drums can be ordered as HMA-261 to improve sample processing efficiency.

HM-52 Table Top Aggregate Washer is portable and convenient for placement on a counter top adjacent to a sink. This model is useful for washing geotechnical or smaller aggregate samples of up to 6—8lb (2.7—3.6kg). Gooseneck water tube swivels aside to allow drum removal. Order extra drums as HMA-260 to improve sample processing efficiency. Stainless steel drum is 9in diameter x 10.75in high (229x273mm).


  • Automatically washes soils and aggregate samples to remove fines
  • Designed for fines content determination or preparation of samples for sieving
  • Eliminates high cost and time required for manual methods
  • Prevents loss of oversize material in decanted wash water

Included Items:

  • Full-Size Automatic Aggregate Washer


  • Table Top Aggregate Washer
  • Totally enclosed gear motor for drum rotation
  • 6ft (1.8M) power cord with GFCI plug

Optional Accessories:

HM-57R, HM-57RF
Dimensions 24 x 20 x 27in (610 x 508 x 686mm), LxWxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 50lb (110kg)
HM-52, HM-52F
Dimensions 19 x 16 x 22in (482 x 406 x 559mm), LxWxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 35lb (77kg)

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