Wet-Wash Sieves

Wet washing material over a sieve using rinse water or a gentle spray serves as an effective sizing method when only one or two size fractions are being determined and fines can be discarded. Specimens that are fragile and non-soluble are optimal candidates for wet washing due to the gentler separating action of rinse water.


Wet Washing Sieves

Washing can also be used to prepare specimens with high fines content for effective dust-free handling and testing or to isolate specific fractions for further testing. Gilson offers four different categories of Wet-Wash Sieves and a wide selection of Wet Sieving Accessories.

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  • ASTM E11 Deep Frame Wet-Wash Sieves are available with 3in, 8in, or 12in diameter brass or stainless steel frames in a wide selection of frame depths. All have permanently mounted stainless steel cloth. Model numbers with a BU suffix are supplied with No. 30 Backing Cloth to reinforce sieve cloth and reduce wear. Deeper frames minimize water and sample loss during agitation.
  • Nickel-Plated Wet-Wash Replaceable Mesh Sieves come in 2in, 3in, or 4in models and are corrosion-resistant with replaceable stainless steel mesh discs for drying in ovens or on hot plates.
  • Replaceable Mesh Wet-Wash Sieve Replacement Screens replace existing screens for 8in (203mm) Replaceable Wet Wash Sieves 4in or 6in deep frames. They can easily be replaced quickly when existing screens are worn beyond acceptable limits. Screen assemblies are stainless steel with built-in backing cloth. Select from ASTM E11 No. 200 (75µm) or No. 325 (45µm) mesh opening sizes.
  • Elutriation Sieves offers an alternative to conventional wet-wash sieves for repeatable fines removal.
  • Wet Sieving Accessories encompass a complete selection of Wet-Sieving products that include Sieve Pans with Drain, Clear Vinyl Tubing, Spray Bottle, Spray Fitting, Sieve Seal Gaskets, Hose Clamp and a selection of Brushes.

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