Wet Sieving Accessories

Everyday essentials to Wet Wash Sieving, Gilson’s line of wet sieving accessories aid in determining fines content or washing away excessive fines when preparing specimens for particle size testing.


  • 3in Sieve Pans with Drain are 1.75in high and available in brass or stainless steel. It allows for easy draining with flexible vinyl tubing.
  • 8in Sieve Pans with Drain are 1.75in high and drain easily with flexible vinyl tubing. Select from the brass or stainless steel model.
  • 12in Sieve Pan with Drain is full height and constructed of brass. The drain easily connects to flexible tubing.
  • Clear Vinyl Tubing is available in 3/8in (9.52mm) and 1/4in (6.35mm) diameter. The flexible vinyl tubing attaches to wet sieving pans with drains. Priced per foot or in 100ft (30.5m) roll.
  • Spray Bottle is an everyday tool needed for wetting and rinsing sieve materials in the field or lab.
  • Spray Fitting easily attaches to a standard faucet. This fitting offers better performance for wet-wash sieving operations that require more spraying capability than provided with a spray bottle.
  • Sieve Seal Gaskets are O-Ring gaskets and come in 3, 8, or 12in sizes. They provide an effective seal for sieves during wet-wash sieving operations.
  • Hose Clamp is an integral accessory used with clear vinyl tubing for precise regulation of flow.
  • Brushes come in an array of sizes and styles. Selecting the right brush allows for safe cleaning and protection of sieves, and can also extend the service life of the sieve material.
  • Automatic Aggregate Washers wash samples of aggregate and soil by eliminating fines passing through the No. 200 sieve, removing inconsistencies, and the high cost of manual methods.