Spray Fitting

Model: WT-7
Price: $21.50

WT-7 Brass Spray Fitting apparatus threads directly onto standard lab faucets and produces a super-fine conical spray for wet-wash sieving operations. The included chrome-plated brass adapter threads into the spray fitting and the flexible fitting fits over an unthreaded faucet.


  • Easily attaches to standard lab faucet with threaded fitting
  • Rated at 2gal (7.6L) per minute

Included Items:

  • WT-7 Brass Spray Fitting
  • Adapter to fit unthreaded faucets
Material Brass
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lbs (0.45kg)

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Material Brass
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lbs (0.45kg)
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