Sieve Accessories

Gilson Sieve Accessories simplify sample handling, increase organization, and streamline testing procedures.


Sieve Accessories
  • Sieve Pans & Covers includes an extensive selection of sieve pans and covers in a wide range of sizes from 3in (76mm) to 18in (457mm). The composition is brass or stainless steel in half-height, full-height, and intermediate-height sizes.
  • Wet Sieving Essentials rounds out your sieving needs and includes pans with drains, vinyl tubing, spray bottles, spray fitting for faucets, seal gaskets, and a hose clamp.
  • Sieve Spacers provide a clear space for viewing the sieving action of sample material and also ensure proper stack height if fewer sieves than required are used. Used for acrylic and metal test sieves.
  • Sample Material Scoops range in capacities from 3.5 to 85oz (53 to 2,366ml). Sample scoops are for both lab and field use. They are available in aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. They are designed with a round bottom, or flat bottom, which makes it easier to collect material at the bottom of the pan.
  • Sieve Brushes include various types to meet your needs, from fine to coarse bristles, Gilson’s selection of sieve brushes is designed for safe and thorough cleaning of sieves. Several styles and bristle types are available to choose from.
  • Ultrasonic Sieve Cleaners are designed for faster cleaning. These units gently clean sieve cloth to prevent damage to fragile mesh and avoid blinding openings. They can also allow for the cleaning of multiple sieves at one time. All models are available in both 115V/50-60Hz and 220V/50-60Hz; the UB-18 model also comes in 240V/50-60Hz.
  • Sieve Storage Racks include wall-mounted or free-standing sieve racks that are designed to easily store sieves, prevent sieve damage, and provide easy access to all sieves.
  • Sieving Flow Agent is lightweight silicon dioxide powder mixed in specimens to help prevent problems from static charges and humidity.
  • Magnetic Separators have strong magnetic properties that allow for the extraction of ferrous metallic content from sample materials.
  • Clean-N-Stor units are available as bench-top, stand-alone, or attachable (to the SS-8R Tapping Sieve Shaker) devices. They are designed to save time with emptying, cleaning, and weighing processes during sieving operations. Each model comes with a collection scoop and soft-bristle cleaning brush.
  • Test Sieving Methods Guidelines Book, the 5th edition ASTM manual on current sieving standards, procedures, sampling methods, sieve types, and more.