Sieve Accessories

Gilson Sieve Accessories simplify sample handling, increase organization and streamline testing procedures.

  • Wet Sieving Essentials include pans with built-in drains, spray bottles, special spray nozzles for faucets, and vinyl tubing
  • Sieve Brushes and Ultrasonic Cleaners gently clean sieve cloth to prevent damage to fragile mesh and avoid blinding of openings
  • Sieve Storage Racks prevent physical damage and organize sieves for quick access when setting up tests
  • Sieving Aid is a silicon dioxide powder that can be mixed into specimens with problems from static charges and humidity
  • Automagnet Separators remove undesirable ferrous metallic content from sample material

Still not sure how to clean your test sieves? Read our Gilson Insights blog post: How to Clean Your Test Sieves.