Clean-N-Stor Accessory for SS-8R
Clean-N-Stor Accessory for SS-8R
Model: SSA-801
Price: $221.50
Stand-Alone  Clean-N-Stor
Stand-Alone Clean-N-Stor
Model: SSA-802
Price: $231.00
Adjustable Height Clean-N-Stor
Adjustable Height Clean-N-Stor
Model: OBA-15R
Price: $277.00

Clean-N-Stor accessories are handy, time-saving devices for emptying, cleaning and weighing functions associated with sieving operations. Inverting an 8in or 200mm sieve on the stainless steel funnel allows quick emptying and cleaning of contents into a receiving scoop or pan. A sieve stack can also be stored on top of the funnel. A scoop and soft-bristle cleaning brush are included with all models. The SSA-801 attaches to the top of the SS-8R case. SSA-802 is a stand-alone model that can be positioned directly over an electronic balance, so sieve fractions can be weighed as the sieve is being cleaned. OBA-15R is an adjustable-height Clean-N-Stor version designed to fit over taller balances.

SSA-801, SSA-802
Dimensions 8.5x11.6x5.5in (216x295x140mm) WxDxH

8.4x11x6.8in (213x279x173mm) WxDxH

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